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Black Sun Zenith
Under That Spell


War Anthem Records / Soulfood


In the end of 2008, after leaving his previous Band “Helrunar“, songwriter and guitar-player Dionysos formed the German Black Metal band “Under That Spell” by including “Sin” on bass (also known as a live member of Helrunar ), “Abyss” on vocals and “Euphorion” on battery.

The concept leading to the band's name relates to the weak spirits of nowadays society and modern life in general. Intended in a hateful but also philosophical manner, “Under That Spell” combines the traditional and atmospheric style of the early 90's with rather modern elements, to express their own interpretation of what Black Metal is today.


01 – Mantra
02 – Haunted
03 – Zenith
04 – I Set The Fire
05 – Sinister Circle
06 – I Complete
07 – Redemption
08 – Sun
09 – Mantra


Dionysos - guitar
Abyss - vocals
Euphorion - battery
Sin - bass