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Black Reign


Battlegod Productions / Twilight


Forged in the fires of the furnace in 1993, Heavy Thrash Metallers Black Reign have endured the tests of time with founding member and spirit of the black machine Michael Demov remaining at the helm enduring numerous line-up changes with the sole pure purpose of delivering an aggressive dark power of pure heavy metal. With three previous releases to the band's legacy, Reign now deliver by far their finest work to date with the full-length metal masterpiece 'Soveriegn'.


1. Eye Of The Storm
2. The King of Demons
3. Sacrifice Of Gods
4. Sovereign
5. Viking
6. The 3rd Antichrist
7. Edge Of The Universe
8. Demise
9. The Madness
10. Succubus
11. The Summonance / The Occultance


Michael Demov – Guitar and Vocals
Blaze Bucannan – Guitars
Sean Veale – Bass
Bryn Morrow – Drums


Black Reign EP 1994
Equalibrium CD 2001
I Do It Because I Can EP 2002