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Feral Creation


Mighty Music / Twilight
04.04.2008 (GER)


After a long hiatus the Danish death cult is back with their devil-may-care relentless third album!

Thorium formed in late 1997 with one single mission: to play old school death metal – loud!
Only two years later the band entered the notorious Norwegian Grieghallen Studio in Bergen where also Emperor and Immortal have created masterpieces. In Thorium’s case the result was the debut album “Oceans of Blasphemy”.
“Oceans...” was released in early 2000 with overwhelming attention from the world wide metal press. Thorium was e.g. placed in the “Best Newcomers of 2000” section in Germany’s acclaimed Rock Hard Magazine.
Thorium has never chosen the easy way out - which might answer for why the second album “Unleashing the Demons” was conceived in January 2002 under icy cold and dreary conditions in Slovakia. The album was later mastered by Danish prodigy Tue Madsen. Unfortunately Thorium went into hiatus shortly after.
Close to six years later Thorium’s Death Machine is kick started afresh. Upon a visit to the Swedish Berno Studios (Amon Amarth, The Haunted) the third full length album “Feral Creation” is a reality. Jacob Hansen is responsible for the perfect mix, and in due style legendary Dan Seagrave took care of the artwork. According to Seagrave himself it’s one of his best pieces ever.
Catchier and more relentless than ever, Thorium are ready to conquer the death metal masses.

Line up:

MHA – vocals
Allan T. – guitar
Marcel – guitar
KB – bass
Niko – drums


Oceans of Blasphemy (2000)
Unleashing the Demons (2002)
Cast from Hell (ep/7”) (2007)
Feral Creation (2008)