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Rise of a Digital Nation
Machinae Supremacy


Spinefarm Records / Soulfood


Swedish overlords of SID metal, MACHINAE SUPREMACY, are back!

Immersed in the world of video games, one of the most industrious bands of our time, Machinae Supremacy are worlds apart from, well, pretty much anyone else. Get this: MaSu have utilized file sharing as a major means of building fame since their early days. They’ve self-released countless songs via P2P networks. They’ve scored the game soundtrack for “Jets 'n' Guns” PC game already in 2005. They've released 2 self-financed albums (“Deux Ex Machinae” 2004) and (“Redeemer” 2006). They’ve built an army of fans; world-wide and thousands strong.

And they did ALL this already before signing an actual record deal with any label.
After signing with Spinefarm in late 2006, MaSu released a remixed version of “Redeemer”. Following the CD release they played several shows in Finland and Sweden with Pain & Clawfinger. June 2007 saw them perform live with the Swedish Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and a 60 piece choir in two sold-out concerts in the grand Stockholm Concert Hall, in a Video Game Symphony production called “PLAY!”

In the fall of same year it was time for tracking the 3rd album “Overworld”. With the album's 1st single MaSu hit the radio waves in Finland in November 2007 with a metal version of Britney Spears' “Gimme More”, when the original, released less than two months earlier, was still in Finnish A List rotation. Their 4th album “A View from the End of The World” dropped in November 2010. By their own workaholic standards, 2011 was almost an “off year” for MaSu. All they did was “The Ugly World Tour” with Children Of Bodom and Ensiferum that spanned 43 cities and 23 countries during 2 months in March-May 2011. June of 2011 saw the departure of bass player Johan Hedlund.

Like with every trailblazer, Machinae Supremacy's success has bred imitators. These days numerous other “videogame metal” bands clutter the scene, but there’s just one Originator. Accept no substitutes.

Currently MaSu are scoring the music for Black Forest Games' “Project Giana”, a remake of the legendary “The Great Giana Sisters” video game. "Project Giana" will initially be released on PC, with later releases on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. And yes: they’re releasing their much-anticipated 5th album.

“Rise Of The Digital Nation” was recorded by MaSu and Jon Stjärnström, mixed by the band & mastered by Henkka Niemistö. “Rise Of a Digital Nation” sees the rejuvenated MaSu return once more; catchier that ever, taking another leap in refining their craft towards total world domination with 10 more (literally) bleepin’ awesome tunes to sing along to; another 10 melodic highlights to bang your nerdy head to bits! And bytes!


01. All of My Angels
02. Laser Speed Force
03. Transgenic
04. Rise of a Digital Nation
05. Pieces
06. Cyber Warfare
07. Republic of Gamers
08. Battlecry
09. 99
10. Hero


Robert Stjärnström - vocals
Jonas Rörling - lead guitar
Andreas Gerdin – bass, guitar, keys
Niklas Karvonen – drums

the hard side of life
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