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Red Flags
The Provenance


Peaceville / SPV
November 2006


The Provenance - "Official sponsors of the end"

· The band was formed in 1996, and was originally known as Asmodeus.

· The Provenance come from the prolific Gothenburg area of Sweden; the breeding ground of classic bands such as At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames and Dissection.

· ‘Red Flags’ is the fourth album by the band who were previously signed to the Italian label, Scarlet Records. Their albums have received much critical acclaim and given the band a strong fan-base. With a growing hunger for experimentation and creativity, each album has moved further from their melodic death metal & folk roots to mould their own unique style of gothic-tinged progressive rock/metal. This is their debut album for Peaceville Records and is undoubtedly a huge leap forward for this female-fronted group with a difference.

· ‘Red Flags’ was recorded at Studio Gesperrt, the bands’ own studio. It was mixed at Oral Majority Recordings by Roberto Laghi, who has worked with artists including LOK, Hardcore Superstar, Mustasch, Transport League, Freak Kitchen, Stefan Andersson, B-Thong and many others.
Mastering was carried out at Bohus Sound by Dragan Tanaskovic. Dragan has been involved in mastering work for bands such as Evergrey. Studio Bohus has hosted many influential groups over the years. Status Quo recorded their million selling album “Rocking all over the World” and ABBA recorded a lot of their music there. Swedish major artists such as Magnus Uggla, Björn Afzelius and lots of the Swedish schlager music has also been recorded and mixed in the studio.

· The aim of the band has always been to portray the hopelessness and frustration of a bleak world (giving their art a gritty realism, mixed with a hint of dark humour) and also to try and expand the general narrow-minded conceptions of the music scene at large. The truly beautiful vocals of Emma combine perfectly with Tobias’ and help to give a refreshingly dynamic approach to the album.

· The Provenance has featured live as support act for bands such as Tiamat and Dark Tranquillity. They have appeared at Sweden Rock festival and Stonehenge festival in Holland among others.

· Joel, Joakim & Jonnie are currently recording with Niklas Sundin from Dark Tranquillity in a band called Laethora.

· Female vocalist Emma sang with the popular horror/shock metal group Notre Dame, the band formed by Snowy Shaw (Drummer with King Diamond/Mercyful Fate), between 1997 & 2000 under the pseudonym of Vampirella, and has also starred as a dancer, singer and actor on the stage in the musical ‘Hair’.


Emma Hellström – Vocals, keyboards
Tobias Martinsson – Vocals, guitars
Joel Lindell – Drums, lyrics
Joakim Rosén – Guitars
Jonnie Täll – Bass


25th Hour Bleeding - 2001 – Scarlet Records
Still at Arms Length - 2003 – Scarlet Records
How Would you like to be Spat at - 2005 – Scarlet Records
Red Flags - 2006 – Peaceville Records

the hard side of life
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