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October 2006
Black Balloon Records / Soulfood

Five young Norwegian men kickstarted their career by winning Zoom Stavanger (national battle of the bands) with their first live performance ever(!) in 2001. In 2003 they released their debut album “Unknown”. Now, the follow up “Antidote” is finally here.

Since the release of “Unknown”, five have become four, but “Antidote” is proof they are heavy as ever. With brilliant new tracks combined with superb individual performances, LOWDOWN has delivered a much more dynamic album. Heavy, aggressive metal in the vein of PANTERA, CHIMAIRA, MACHINE HEAD but still with a superb melodic sense.

The album was recorded by ZET from RAM-ZET, mixed by DANIEL BERGSTRAND (MESHUGGAH, IN FLAMES, EL CACO, STONEGARD etc) and produced by ZET and the band themselves.
LOWDOWN is an explosion of energy, something they have proved at the Inferno- and Quart Festivals and as support for SOULFLY. The release of ”Antidote” should convert even more people.

1. Inside Revelations
2. Nothing Will Come
3. The World Has Ended
4. Sick Page
5. …And Reborn
6. Be The Clown
7. Chaos In Harmony
8. Stick It In
9. Me vs Everything
10. Your God Failed
11. Imperfection (The Bleeding Source)

Leo Moracchioli - vocals
Kenneth Varhaug - guitars
Stefan Køningsberg - drums
Erik Torp - bass

the hard side of life
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