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Tourettes Syndrome

1. Good Morning
2. Nola
3. Fracture
4. Gear
5. Glad
6. R.F.S
7. Rail
8. Circus
9. Small Enemy
10. Longline
11. Novena
Bonus Video Tracks:
1. DBM
2. Gear live 2006
3. Stand

Band Members:
Michele Madden - Vocals
Ross Empson - Bass
Michael Quigley - Drums
Ashley Manning – Guitar

The story of Tourettes begins in 1999 at a party in Rose Bay in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Michele Madden was the host, Ashley Manning the friend of a friend. A casual jam session provoked Ash to ask Michele if she was interested in forming a band. Michele needed little encouragement as she was born to front a band!

Composer / producer Ash who had dedicated his energy to electronic music throughout the nineties was so taken by Michele’s rock ‘n roll sensibilities that he revisited his first instrument; he guitar and Tourettes was born.

The Tourettes sound was heralded by “Kill ‘em All” – the pair’s fi rst collaboration. Shortly after this Ashley met Ross Empson at yet another party and offered him the bass position in Tourettes based on nothing more than Ross’ description of himself as “an industrial bass-player”.

In January of 2000 Ross ran into Mike Quigley outside a Red Hot Chilli Peppers show. The pair had worked together in a variety of settings in the mid-nineties and Ross had a feeling Mike might be the guy to ‘take on’ the unique feel and intensity of Ashley’s drum programs. In March Mike successfully auditioned for the band, and together they began rehearsing the material that would become the first album. These tracks had come together in Michele and Ashley’s sessions - which were sometimes so volatile that Ross and Mike invariably decided to go to the pub and leave them to it.

By May the album had been written, and the band was ready to play its first gig at Sydney’s Iron Duke Hotel, with Kyser and Neo-Ezy. 2000 saw Tourettes establish themselves as a live entity while the studio recordings were sparking interest from whomever heard them. Gigs at Maroubra Junction Hotel, Planet Rock in Penrith, and Bar Broadway added weight to the band’s claim as the most unique outfi t on Sydney’s heavy scene. With guts, charisma, skill and vision, Tourettes attracted audiences and industry attention very quickly.

Tourettes launched their debut album in February 2001 at the Excelsior Hotel in Surrey Hills following it up with gigs at Caringbah’s ‘Bizzos’ and Manly’s ‘Fishos’ . Triple J programmers were struck by the band’s interpretation of Talking Heads’ “Once In A Lifetime”, and began spinning Tourettes tracks both on heavy metal programs and in mainstream timeslots.

In the middle of 2001 Michele travelled to New York where she recorded new material with some old friends, before deciding to return to Sydney and devote her attention and energy to Tourettes. Tourettes reunion in July 2001 cemented the commitment the quartet felt towards the project. The band worked hard, supporting the likes of Henry’s Anger, Jerk, Kyser and then as a headline act: unusual for a band that still seemed new - Tourettes, though had the ability to upstage more experienced outfi ts with their intensity and originality, and were popular with venues for the amount and type of audience they generated.

In October Tourettes were guests of Hellraiser at Sydney’s Metro Theatre supporting Snog, and proving that this band were ready to address any size room with authority. The band started climbing the bills of heavy nights across town continuing to make each night their own.

In 2002 Tourettes were busier than ever. Steadily building a following, developing a line of merchandise and a professional website and all the while accumulating masses of new material for their second record; one which would eventually capture the energy of all four members, further the musical concept, and allow Michele to express herself in an even more vivid fashion.

In June Tourettes visited Sydney’s Annandale Hotel for the first time, to entertain the rowd after the launch of 3 Point Tilt’s c.d. While the ‘Tilt’ boys celebrated after their set, Tourettes took the party into their own hands from the stage, and consequently were offered their own headline show in August.

Videos were being filmed, posters, shirts and fl yers printed- Tourettes were moving to another level, and it was time to record another cd. After December’s gigs with Earth and Daysend, the band retreated from public performance to rehearse, record, and mix “Detestimony”.

In February 2003 on a limited budget Tourettes captured a performance in three days that established bands can afford months of studio time to achieve. A further two months of post production on what Ash describes as ‘sonics’ and Detestimony was unveiled!

In May work began on the music video to “Stand”, and Tourettes prepared to launch their new e.p. June 26 2003 at the Annandale Hotel made it clear, that while Tourettes had been ‘gone’ from the live environment for more than 6 months, they were by no means forgotten. It was a huge turnout supported by Brisbane’s Japunga and Tourettes old partners Neo-Ezy. The event was followed up with well-received gigs at The Tote and Green Room in Melbourne, Newcastle’s Cambridge Hotel and “Detour To Hell” in Sydney.

Tourettes continue to build a solid fan base along the east coast of Australia between Brisbane & Melbourne and with summer fast approaching, the festival season is beginning, the band has been booked to take part in two of this years biggest dates. Metal for The Brain in December 2003 and The Big Day Out in January 2004.

The video for “Stand” was released in late 2004 and Tourettes received airplay on the many stations across Australia who support independent music, including Triple J, Australia’s national roadcaster. The 2004 Australian summer saw unsigned hard rock / metal band Tourettes line up along ride the best that the music world could muster and take to the main stage of the Big Day Out in Sydney opening for Metallica.

With two independent CD releases to their name and hundreds of shows in their wake Tourettes have muscled in on the consciousness of music fans throughout the world. The SiKFuks, Tourettes‘ dedicated street team, have spread like a disease, taking up arms in support of the band; yet ‚certifi ed‘ at their website. ‚SikFuK for Life‘ www.tourettes.com.au - Tourettes‘ offi cial website, has garnered the band international recognition which enabled them to tour Canada (Sept/Oct,04). Tourettes have fi nished recording 13 new songs.

Tracks by Endre Lukacsy at Night Deposit in Calgary, Canada and mixed by Rob Hill in Los Angeles. The new recording is a monster. Tourettes have signed in Europe to Germany‘s Armageddon Music. This licensing deal will see the release of the forthcoming album „Sick Sence“ in Europe in mid October 2006.

August sees them at Wacken Open Air in Germany and in mid October they also tour there to support the European release of „Sick Sense“ Because of a naming rights confl ict in Europe the band will now be known in that territory as „TOURETTES SYNDROME“.

the hard side of life
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