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...As Everything Is A Tragedy

Imagine Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge & Neurosis all rolled into a ball of melody and calm, and you're probably half way to understanding what Comity are about. Chaotic and technical structures collide with atmospheric and oppressive feelings of frustration creating the basis of the band’s music and artistic approach. This is their own unique vision of music. Already having aroused curiosity from the international press and public Comity have continued to push the limits, to an extent where its music has become an unorthodox but innovative downward spiral of self inflicting emotional chaos.

Comity has been making noise ever since 1996, with a line up that evolved through out the years, along with their music. After a demo recorded in 1998, on which the metal hard core influences blends in with a powerful NYHC style, the band finally settles with a stable line in the year 2001 with a split album « The catharsis syntax project » with the Parisian band XII, which becomes the first true recording made of the band ever since they formed. The chaotic structures and the oppressive atmosphere rooted in this album, were to be the basis of the band’s music and artistic approach to what was to be there own vision of music.

This unusual approach arouses about every bit of curiosity from the press and public that encounters the band and its music. The complex and technical structures collide with an atmospheric and oppressive feeling of frustration. This is how Comity keeps pushing the limits, to an extent where its music becomes an unorthodox but innovative downward spiral to self inflicting emotional chaos. By this time, the band sets up to record some new material for an upcoming release. This shall be a 5 acts concept album: « The deus ex-machina as a forgotten genius ».

Recorded in august 2002, the album is released in march 2003, and gets a warm welcome from the French and international press. The band will be touring for over 2 years becoming one of the most promising act in the scene.

After a re-release of the band’s album on US label united edge records including 2 previously unreleased tracks, they hit the studio to for their second opus “As everything is a tragedy” and reveal a more mature and abstract brutal music.

the hard side of life
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