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Pirun Nyrkki ("the devil’s fist")
Turmion Kätilöt


The madmen from the deepest depths of Finland have returned! Their mix of industrial metal and madness is one of those must-do things everyone should check out before they die! :O

Found by MC Raaka Pee and DJ Vastapallo in 2002, the band’s Rammstein-like vibes caught the attention of Finnish metal fanatics already upon the release of TK’s first single “Teurastaja” (“the butcher”). The success of the single led to the success of the band’s debut album “Hoitovirhe” (“malpractice”) which contained such hits as “Verta ja Lihaa” (“blood and flesh”), the video of which had everything from alien abduction to gimp-suits and Russ Meyer-esque females.

Record sales led to live touring, and the gigs on those tours have not actually been described as “normal” or “tasteful”, and not likely as “serious” either! With costumes made out of liquid latex, pantyhose and such, the band’s six-member live entourage focuses on the show elements more than just to the music. People witnessing a Turmion Kätilöt-show have seen just about everything from glass-eating freak-show performers to fire-eaters, on stage obscenities and torture performances.

With their second album “Pirun Nyrkki” now out in the open, more tours are to be expected, whilst their record sales keep growing.

Unless one or several of them end up dying while performing (I doubt anyone would be surprised at that), this is one band you shouldn’t miss. There just simply isn’t a band alive able to perform so perfectly while acting so insanely.


1. Mistä Veri Pakenee
2. Pirun Nyrkki
3. Messu
4. Eläköön
5. Tirehtööri
7. Härkä
8. Illuusio Musiikista
9. Irstauden Ilosanoma
10. Piiloviestien Neitietsivä
11. Verta ja Lihaa (Proteus Mental remix)


Hoitovirhe (“Malpractice” Spinefarm 1999)
Pirun Nyrkki (“The Devil’s Fist” Spinefarm 2001)

the hard side of life
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