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Pär Johansson and Christian Älvestam had been long time friends since back in the days when there bands Unmoored and Satariel was at Pulverised Records. Several years later the guys finally decided to do start a new band, and they contacted Omer from Cold Records to negotiate a contract. Omer at that time had not even heard anything about this band, just that they had some other good musicians they had asked to be a part of this band. After listening to 2 songs, they got a contract with Cold Records.

The debut album “Yersinia Pestis” was released by Metalblade under license from Cold Records throughout Europe /US in 2004. The new album ”Warnaments” is, like the debut album, a concept album lyricwise. While the debut dealt with the black plague and its way through medieval Europe, ”Warnaments” deals with two special occations from World War One. Mainly it´s about the Battle of Jutland, which was a massive naval battle between the British and the Germans. Apart from that, two of the songs concern the sinking of a german submarine outside the coast of Great Britain in 1915.

01. Dark Clouds Gathering
02. Last Line Of Defence
03. Burial Waters, Deepsome Graves
04. Swift Turns Of War
05. The Stale Drownings
06. Battlespawn
07. Where Night Is Total
08. Sealer Of Fates
09. The Blunt Weapon

Line Up:
Pär Johansson- Vocals
Christian Älvestam - Guitar
Mikael Degerman- Bass
Henrik Schönström- Drums
Patrik Gardberg- Guitar

the hard side of life
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