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Malice In Wonderland

Norway’s most decadent band, Malice In Wonderland, is ready with their debut album. Formed in 1997, the five-piece – spun around the charismatic vocalist/songwriter Chri$ Wicked – face the future with a lot of excitement, ready to finally take their music out to the masses!

Malice in Wonderland offers a blend of attitude and heavy guitars combined with melody, feelings and catchy tunes. This combined with a visual image and a strong belief in what they do, Malice in Wonderland bounds for success! The band has already made a name for them selves in goth and glam circles around the world, and has a big fan-base waiting for this album.

Their debut is filled with great songs, melodies and hooks, and their big sound is made even bigger with a varied instrumentation from guests on cello, violin, saxophone and a choir. This band has it all!!

1. Lucifer’s Town
2. Devil Dance
3. My Heart (Belongs To You)
4. Perfect Drug
5. In The End
6. Heartache Boulevard
7. Red Rose Suicide
8. Dancing With You
9. Nightclub, Sin & Decadence
10. I Love To Sin

Release - Germany:
March 2006
Karisma Records / Twilight Vertrieb

Chri$ Wicked: Vocals
Andy Valentine: Guitars, keys
Tracy Loveless: Guitars
Eric Black: Bass
Tommy Gun: Drums

Rikki Foxx plays guitars and Rob Cruel plays keys on this album

“Reduced To A Low Condition” (demo 1998)
“Vicious Girl” (demo 1999)
“Sin & Decadence” (demo 2002)

the hard side of life
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