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Building Up The Apathy
Silent Voices


SILENT VOICES was founded in 1995 by guitarist Timo Kauppinen, bassist Pasi Kauppinen, drummer Jukka-Pekka Koivisto and keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg.
At the time their main influences were Dream Theater and Rush. A couple of demo's, years and beers later the line-up was completed when Michael Henneken joined in on vocals. This line-ups first collective effort was a self-financed EP called Memory and The Frame, recorded during the fall of 1998. Some gigs, among them the Nummirock festival ('99), and a few promising reviews later the band retired to a studio in their hometown, Kokkola, in order to develop new material.
A single You Got It / HumanCradleGrave was released in late 2000. The track HumanCradleGrave found its way onto Low Frequency Records double CD compilations NORTHERNBREEZE II and METAL ROCK CAVALCADE. Soon after that Silent Voices signed a deal with Low Frequency Records and recorded their debut album CHAPTERS OF TREGEDY at the notorious tico-tico studios in Kemi. The album was released worldwide in 2002 and got good reviews.
The spring & summer of 2003 was spent writing and rehearsing new material. In July the band entered Sonic Pump studios in Helsinki and started working on their second album INFERNAL.

INFERNAL was released in the spring/summer of 2004, getting rave reviews all over. However this didn't result in any major success...so once again the guys started to write music for the next album. This time the boys decided not to limit themselves musically and went for a no-hold-barred approach. Entering the Studio57 in the late summer of 2005, it was obvious that this album was not going to be INFERNAL part 2, but a more complex entiety, embracing longer compositions and a more extreme use of dynamics. Mixed at Sonic Pump and mastered at Chartmakers, the latest Silent Voices album titled Building Up The Apathy is being released worldwide in the spring of 2006.

New Silent Voices album:

The Kokkola based, melodic metallers Silent Voices, have finished their third album. Titled, Building up the apathy, the music is now considerably more progressive than on their previous album Infernal, according to the band. Silent Voices members can be found in such diverse groups as
Sentiment,Requiem & Sonata Arctica among others. The album was recorded at Studio 57 by SV bassplayer Pasi Kauppinen, mixed at Sonic Pump studios by Nino Laurenne(Amorphis,Wintersun,Warmen) and mastered at Chartmakers by Svante Forsberg (Stratovarius, Apocalyptica). Building up the apathy will be out on Avalon / Marquee in Japan, early 2006 and later during the spring on ________ in Europe.

Silent Voices third album will be released in January 2006 in Japan/Asia and rest of the world in february.

First single(radioedit) “Once Lost Life” will be released only as a digital single and for radio/promo use.

New singles will follow before new album will be released.


Michael Henneken - vocals
Henrik Klingenberg - keyboards
Pasi Kauppinen - bass
Timo Kauppinen - guitar
Jukka-Pekka Koivisto - drums


Chapters of tragedy (Low Frequency Records CD 2002)
On the Wings of rage (Low Frequency Records CDS 2004)
Infernal (Low Frequency Records CD 2005)

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