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Love Is A Lie We Both Believed
Soul Relic

Spinefarm Records / Soulfood


Surf & slam? Um... no. Goth & glam? Oh, yes! Melodic rockers SoulRelic are here to take the world by storm.

The debut album of these Finnish gothsters, who executed their first full-fledged European tour already before their 1st ever single release, is sure-fire hit, for while SoulRelic tread a familiar ground, their glam-goth-metal still has that extra dose of individuality sorting out the wheat from the chaff. The powerful sound, expertly brought to the fore by mixing wizard extraordinaire Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Sentenced, The 69 Eyes), is another card in favour of the band.

The perfect soundtrack to a night out where the neon lights glow or for wooing that goth chick next door, “Love is a Lie We Both Believed” is THE album to kick off the season of falling leaves, anno 2005. With two singles off the album already making fast friends with everyone into contemporary rock-metal with strong hard rock vocals, there is no stopping the band now.

Song-writing-wise, it is a consistent album, not simply resting on the strength of one or two instant hits. The sound harks both to the eighties and nineties without being a mere pastiche, and there’s an original twist or two in their use of keyboards.

Prepare yourself for an overdose of SoulRelic’s sweet decadence this Fall.


1. Hollow Craving
2. Tears of Deceit
3. Dying Angels
4. Down on My Path
5. The Key
6. Kiss of a Saint
7. The Rain of Sorrow
8. Still Breathing
9. It’s All So Easy
10. Burned to Ashes


Tommy Suomala- vocals
Antza Talala - guitar
Pecu Talala - bass
Jay Hölli- keyboards
Raymond Pohjola - drums

the hard side of life
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