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Spinefarm Records / Soulfood


Act I – Untangling the Roots

The foundation, or alternatively the roots have been laid into the fertile soil of metal music. Once so scarcely in bloom, the metal scene is now overabundant with wildly different outgrowths. Some more bitter, some sweeter than others. Some more processed and others more naturally developed – all nonetheless cultivated.

Eilera has been uprooted and moved on to a private garden, wherein this hybrid grows in peace and is tended with love by its creators. An amalgamation of its metal background, some Celtic influences and electronical shadings, this colourful breed is completed with the voice of Eilera herself.

Act II – Eloquent, Ethereal

Eilera comprises of Eilera and Loïc Tézénas, who have been actively involved in music for over ten years. Both have a background in melodic metal, in such bands as Kalisia and Chrysalis. The collaboration between these tow individuals under a singular project started back in year 2000, under a different name, and a different musical style. From there on things started evolving.

It is until the year 2003 that the pair making music in a home-studio finally reach the sound they know to be proper. The Celtic influences are showing strongly now, but the metal undertones are still present. The lady sings softly, strongly and however else is needed to suit the songs. The end result is easy, appealing but very rich in texture. It is 2004 when Spinefarm Records signs Eilera.

Act III – A Frenchwoman in Finland

From Montpellier, France Eilera travels to Finland to record the debuting EP “Precious Moment” for Spinefarm. This is a start of a new set of collaborations in the northern city of Helsinki, and the one of most renown is producer extraordinaire Hiili Hiilesmaa.

After being succesfully welcomed by audiences and media Eilera undertakes the work on a full-length feature. Later on the album is recorded yet again in Finland at Hip Studios , and also at the famed Finnvox Studios, with yet again the aid of Mr. Hiilesmaa. But this time he does not play the role of the producer, it is the lady Eilera herself who acts as the director this time. The musicians appearing on the album “Fusion” are mainly Finnish people, such as Antti Lehtinen on drums and Max Lilja on cello, with a handful of other talents. From France Eilera tags along Tony Canton, man who magically brings the Celtic themes to life with his fiddle.

Eilera comments that this album deals with the main themes of her work; the balance between strength and frailty, ambiguity, closeness to nature, and her two obsessions of all times: freedom and beauty.

Exeunt Omnes.


01. Non Merci
02. In the Present
03. Healing Process
04. Fusion
05. Addicted
06. The Angel You Love, The Angel You Hate
07. Keep Our Heaven
08. Back to the Essentials
09. Free Are You
10. September


Eilera - vocals
Loïc Tézénas – guitars


Precious Moment (MCD 2005)
Fusion (2007)

the hard side of life
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