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The Machete


Spinefarm Records / Soulfood


The band, like its namesake tool, cuts through tangles. Tangles of mediocrity in this case. The Machete’s brand of music is what one could easily dub Thrash Metal. And they are singing in English. They’re not exactly reinventing the wheel, or steel, which would be more appropriate in this case. But keep on reading, it’ll be worth your precious while.

Although a Thrash Metal band by heart The Machete does not shy away from influences of different musical origins. The subtle nyances are neatly intervowen into the mixture, and this is what after all keeps things fresh and interesting. It is sadly common how often this kind of behaviour goes unrewarded. One does something succesfully and the same thing is expected over and over again. Some in fear of losing the gained status keep on doing exactly the same thing. Album after album. Experimentation, and otherwise stepping away from clearly defined, often self-imposed, limits takes courage. This is what you’ll hear on this album. The raw essentials, the rudimentary things have to be in check before you go aiming high. And when you do, aim higher. And when you succeed – the end result will truly be worth every painstaking effort.

Aggression is an elementary component in music such as this. Tender melodies and delicate vocals are not what you’d always expect to meet here. Skillful playing is taken for granted these days, but still, how many bands are there who don’t use triggers in their drums? Well, here’s one. And now that you know that they can play for real, you’ll listen to their musicianship in a whole new light. You show them respect. After all the honing of the required skills is done so that there will not be a single particle that is not genuine; that would be calculated, overproduced or voted to be best by the audience. This band was not discovered from a reality tv show, this band is for real. They compose their own music. And most importantly of all – they play it from their hearts. Bands like these would make old Bill Hicks smile; if he weren’t dead.

The Machete hails from Finland. It is comprised of five members. Their second album “Untrue” delivers eleven songs of aggression, diversity and quality. They strike fair and they strike true, like a sonic nail to crappy music’s coffin.


01. Human Being Human
02. Warmonger
03. Shatters
04. Blow By Blow
05. No Solace
06. Ready for Blood
07. Back for More
08. Ignorance
09. Craving
10. Life Sold
11. Lie Agreed Upon


Tuomo Saikkonen - vocals, bass
Santtu Hämäläinen - guitar
Juha Javanainen - guitar
Teemu Saikkonen – drums
Antti Vajanto - bass

the hard side of life
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