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Tabu Recordings / Soulfood
Release-Date: 11.07.2005


Finally, after three long years, RAM-ZET´s third masterpiece entitled INTRA is now ready to be launched.

Multi-instrumentalist Zet formed Ram-Zet in 1998 to reflect his own unique musical vision - a vision which was not satisfied by the myriad of metal bands in Norway to which he had previously contributed. In the early days, Zet did everything from writing to recording by himself, but today RAM-ZET is a rocksolid band and not a one-man project.

After two albums on the Finnish label Spikefam, RAM-ZET is now signed to the Norwegian label Tabu Recordings. After Grammy nomination for the debut album, heavy touring with acts like Theatre Of Tragedy, Borknagar, Finntroll, the ambitions are now on it's peak for these Norse psychotic metal schizophrenics. The album is recorded in Space Valley Studios and co-produced and mixed by Daniel Bergstrand(In Flames, Meshuggah, Soilwork, Strapping Young Lad etc.) INTRA pulls the listener down into it's schizophrenic soundscape and challenges him with raging and complex guitar riffs, innovative songs where the contrast between the dark beauty of the melody and the vast controlled
aggression plays the main part. INTRA still maintains a stylistic integrity characterized by genre-bending ingenuity, RAM-SET is metal for the experienced listener.

RAM-ZET consists of highly skilled Norwegian musicians with background from The Kovenant, Åsmegin and For My Pain.

the hard side of life
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