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1996 there came an offer from Pulverised Records for an album deal. In 1997 they entered legendary Sunlight Studio with Tomas Skogsberg to record the debut album "Lady Lust Lilith". It hit the shops 1998. 1999-2000 was spent doing gigs here and there rather sporadically, and it was quite silent about Satariel for this period of time. Tired of nothing moving forward Pär finally decided it was time to find another label. In the winter of 2000 Pär and Magnus compiled some new songs and to Satariel´s great joy Hammerheart responded immediately offering a new deal.
So in May to April they recorded their upcoming release in Dug-Out Studios with producer Daniel Bergstrand in Uppsala. It turned out amazing with a more mature and balanced direction of their far developed melodic death-metal. Also, Satariel hooked Messiah Marcolin (vocalist from Candlemass & Memento Mori) to the recording, which was quite a happening as all the members spent their early teens as big Candlemass fans.
The time that followed was spent playing some gigs here and there, some festivals and a european tour 2003 along with Necrophobic and Impious. All was great in other words. All until negotiations about recording budgets for the upcoming album "Hydra" stranded with Hammerheart. There were no hard feelings between the band and the label, but it was agreed to go separate ways. Satariel immediately found a new partner in greek Black Lotus Records, who offered the budget the band requested straight up.

Thus; in 2004 Satariel once again entered Dug-Out to record "Hydra". The session was guested this time by long time friend Lenny Blade (ex-Hypnosia(R.I.P.) for some excellent screaming parts and a few beers and talks of "the good old days" back in Boden (where they all originate from). When the recording of the main things was done, the band moved on to conclude the recordings in a few other less well known studios; additional vocals and keyboards was put down in Designless Deity Studio and Hector Media, to mention two of these. Guest guitar solos by Simon Johansson (Memory Garden) was also added. All in all the recording was by far the longest in Satariel´s history, as it stretched it self over a period of more than six months. In late 2004 the recordings were all complete. By this time Black Lotus had declared they had financial problems, and that the band was free to leave if they wanted to. And they did in the favour of Cold Records/Regain Records who signed Satariel right away.

In 2005 "Hydra" is released upon the world. With a very “typically original and undefinable sound”, as only Satariel are capable of creating. For the first time in their career a real professional video has been made for one of the songs on the album, totally done with 3D-animation.

The lyrical concept for this album is Will. What is will? Does mankind own true will, or is it all destiny? Just chaos? Is it God that rules? Or the Devil? Many questions indeed. But also songs more based upon occult themes regarding Will, as it was interpreted by Aleister Crowley in his Thelema philosophy for example, as singer Pär has studied magick and occult traditions for more than a decade. Some are easier to grasp, while others are meant to be abstract devices designed to set imagination rolling. The song Vengeance Is Hers is a proclamation of how we feel about rapists, who commit the greatest crime possible towards another persons will. That song is the only one meant to be a real statement on this album. The others are not, as we like to see you think as much as possible for yourselves out there. Enough said.


01. The Freedom Fall
02. Be You Angel, Be You Beast
03. Claw The Clouds
04. Vengeance Is Hers
05. For Galaxies To Clash
06. The Springrise
07. Scattering The Timeweb
08. 300 Years Old
09. Nihil Juggernaut
10. No God Loves

Release: 27.06.2005

the hard side of life
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