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Sense Your Darkness

Release-Date: 25.06.2005

Label: Majestic Rock / Vertrieb: Rough Trade


Corbin King- Guitar
Stephen Fredrick- Vocals
Stian Krsitoffersen- Drums
James Martin- Bass


KINRICK is an incredible new metal band fronted by the powerful voice of x-Firewind vocalist Stephen Fredrick and Vainglory guitar master Corbin King. This pairing has created one of the strongest new metal duos in years. The band's name is a conglomeration of Corbin's and Stephen's last names- King and Fredrick- KINRICK! The other band members are drummer Stian Kristoffersen (Firewind/Pagan's Mind) and bassist James Martin (Zanister).

Producer David T. Chastain states, "I have been trying to hook up Stephen and Corbin in a band for some time. They live really close to one another in the Atlanta area and logistically and musically I knew they were a perfect match for one another. It was just finding the right situation and material."

Stephen's worldwide acclaim as one of the most powerful melodic vocalists is well justified as he shines throughout this new Cd. Stephen's unique blend and style helps make all of his recordings instantly recognizable as no one sounds quite like him.

David T. elaborates, "Stephen can put so much power behind a melody that it puts him in a class all by himself. While there are plenty of melodic vocalists out there very few have his power. And while there are many power vocalists out there most are not exactly melodic in a traditional sense of being pleasing to the listener."

Corbin has been equally praised as one of the best new metal guitarists to hit the scene this century. Corbin's trademarks are massive riffs and burning lead guitar that features an equal amount of intensity, flash and substance.

The lyrical content on Sense Your Darkness deals with the repression of the downtrodden no matter where they may be in the world. The rich and powerful continue their scourge that only benefits the few at the expense of the many. It is time for the many to stand up for the sake of humanity no matter what the consequences.

The music on the Cd is all in your face, knockdown, take no prisoners, traditional metal. Driving, heavy and gargantuan riffs are the perfect cornerstone for Stephen to exhort his voice with emotion and power.

The possibilities for Kinrick on this and future recordings are endless. The foundation has been laid for one of the great new metal bands for years to come. Sense Your Darkness should prove to be one of the best new metal Cds of this year and will give the masses what they have been screaming for: Powerful Metal with Melody and Message.

the hard side of life
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