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Planet Pandemonium


Pioneers of the French Death metal scene, created in 1986, Loudblast published his first famous LP “Licensed to trash” with Agressors in 1987. Then the band made many albums such as “Sensorial treatment” in 1989, “Disincarnate” in 1991, “Sublime dementia” in 1993 and “Cross the threshold” in 1994. Tours and concerts with famous metal bands as Iron Maiden, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Coroner, or Entombed made them play all around Europe.

Since 1992, Loudblast has become the most important band of the French metal scene, and has obtained a huge fan-base as well. Loudblast assures its reputation with the success of “The time kreeper” in 1996, which is the first official live video of the band, as well as the coming out of “Fragment” in 1998.

The first part of Loudblast’s history ends up with “Legacy”, an official video, and with a compilation, “A taste of dead” in 1999, which actually means the end of the group. But to support their friend Chuck Schuldiner from Death, they formed the band again just for one special concert… Finally their magic touch still occurs with the arrival of Alex Colin-Tocquaine from Agressor, that makes them release a new album “Planet Pandemonium” in 2004 (Slalom music). Loudblast’s music is more than ever a kind of metal without any concessions, with the only goal to be a huge French metal band.

the hard side of life
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