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Every Dog Has Its Day
Stop This War

Release / Germany:
23.05.2005 ; Power Play Records / Twilight


No exact date has ever been pinpointed, but some time during the close of the 1970’s and the beginning of the 1980’s a powerful metal group formed in Toledo, Ohio - they called themselves DAMIEN. Influenced by some of the greatest bands of their day, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, UFO, Scorpions, Michael Schenker, Ronnie James Dio and Iron Maiden (to mention a few), this group of eager metal-heads joined forces to create their own unique and intense brand of heavy metal. Early on the band shuffled some members, but one by one the pieces fell into place and eventually the final lineup would include: Chuck Stohl (lead guitars), Randy “Wolf” Mikelson (lead vocals), Kevin “Killer” Kekes (bass), Fritz Adamshick (rhythm guitars), and Johnny “Evil” Cappalletty (drums). They were the perfect blend of talent and skill, each filling a specific role in the band, and together forming the one and only, DAMIEN.

With the lineup solidified, the band regularly blew away club audiences with their live shows and established a cult following in Toledo. The word about DAMIEN continued to spread like wildfire and lead to their being signed by New York’s SELECT RECORDS. In 1987 the band went into the studio and finalized the 10 tracks that would eventually become their debut masterpiece, “Every Dog Has Its Day”. The album was well received by metal fans across the globe and two years later in 1989 they created yet another killer album entitled, “Stop This War”. The band shot videos for each album that got regular airplay on MTV and HeadBanger’s Ball, exposing them to a larger audience and allowing them to headline their own tours. The band was featured in many of the top metal magazines at the time and did some concerts with Yngwie Malmsteen, Quiet Riot, Overkill, and Slaughterhouse. Damien members parted ways in the early 90’s but re-united in 2004 to headline a few reunion concerts.

DAMIEN’s metal music features an awesome blend of power and speed that can’t be ignored. Their songs are intricately constructed with thoughtful lyrics and ballsy choruses that are infectiously catchy. The band blazes on all cylinders with world-class guitar solos, crunchy rhythms, thunderous bass lines, and pounding drums that is heavy metal at it’s best.


“Every Dog Has Its Day” CD (1987 Select Records)
“Stop This War” CD (1989 Select Records)
“Angel Juice” CD (1995 MS Productions)
“Every Dog Has Its Day” Enhanced CD (2004 POWER PLAY RECORDS) / Re-Release
“Stop This War” Enhanced CD (2004 POWER PLAY RECORDS) / Re-Release


Randy “Wolf” Mikelson - Lead vocals
Chuck Stohl - Lead guitars
Fritz Adamshick - Rhythm guitars and backing vocals
Kevin “Killer” Kekes - Bass
Johnny “Evil” Cappelletty – Drums and backing vocals

the hard side of life
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