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Cradle To Grave
Cradle To Grave

Release / Germany:
23.05.2005 ; Power Play Records / Twilight


Emanating from the very western side of the great white Canadian north (from the city of Vancouver) is a thunderous force that rages like an avalanche down a treacherous mountainside. The source of that surging, unstoppable force is none other than aggressive metal thrashers, Cradle to Grave.

Rising from the ashes of two previous metal bands (Aggression & Bottom Feeder), the genesis of Cradle to Grave began forming in early 2002 when Denis Barthe (guitars), Greg Cavanagh (vocals) and Eric Green (bass) all allied. Shortly after uniting, the trio was joined by Matt Fowler (drums) who completed their current lineup and ignited a critical and prolific writing process. Together the four members have established a rock-solid relationship, built around a common thirst and obsession for heavy metal and a never-ending dedication to their craft.

Cradle to Grave’s music is raw, aggressive, abrasive, and slams you in the chest at full throttle. They mix in a dirty southern metallic style that makes you want to swig whiskey straight from the bottle, raise your devil horns, slam your head wildly in the air and bash into anything that moves. Lyrically the band draws from topics that often represent the extreme opposites of the emotional spectrum, an aspect that allows for a stringent dichotomy in their songs. Incorporating influences from bands like Pantera and Superjoint Ritual, Cradle to Grave has created a sound that can best be equated to that burning sensation you feel when you put your hands into freezing water in the middle of winter and quickly pull them out and expose them to the frigid air…CTG’s music shocks you like that brutally cold feeling, yet burns you at the same time. These distinct combinations are the fuel of this band and ones that are best displayed by Barthe's intricate guitar work, Green and Fowler's diesel-like rhythm section, and Cavanagh's animalistic snarling. Cradle to Grave creates a firestorm on stage and unleashes a massive fury of blistering metal that consumes those in its path. Get in the crowd during one of their live shows for a few minutes and you’ll know what we're talking about.

Having already toured and conquered the Canadian west, Cradle to Grave will soon be expanding their dedicated fan base by blasting their way eastward through Ontario and Quebec (Canada), and into the eastern USA in early 2005. The band’s self-titled 13 song album is a release that will soon prove to be the heavy music that metal fans have been craving for!


As We Lay Dying
Nuclear Flowers
Just Cause
Sunrise Sunset
What I Say
Southern Oak
Shut My Eyes
The Manipulated Dead
Across the Sky
Bleeding Heaven
Crown of Snakes


Greg Cavanagh - Lead and backing vocals
Denis Barthe - Lead and rhythm guitars
Eric Green - Bass
Matt Fowler – Drums

the hard side of life
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