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The Difference Engine


Candlelight Records / Soulfood
02.11.2007 (Germany)


Welcome to the next installment of shameless self-promotion and unfettered boasting most commonly known as the band biography.

It is in London in 1998 that Dãm first disgorge their unpleasant morbid concoction of sounds onto an unsuspecting underground circuit.

Three demos, six lineup changes and a recommendation from Emperor's Samoth later, Dãm ink a deal with Candlelight Records.

This gives the band the opportunity to issue their first statement of purpose in the form of "Purity [The Darwinian Paradox]". This is released in May 2005 to a resolutely favourable chorus of reviews from the likes of Kerrang (UK - 4K), Terrorizer (UK - 8/10), Rock Hard (DE - 8.5/10) and Metal Heart (DE- 8.5/10) to name a mere handful. Successful touring ensues with the likes of Decapitated, Gorerotted, Napalm Death, Testament, Entombed, Cathedral, Zyklon, and Cephalic Carnage.

Armed with plenty of new material, Dãm commence recording the second full-length opus in the summer of 2006, once again enlisting the help of studio veteran Antti "midrange" Uusimaki and taking up residence at London's prestigious Eastcote Studios. However the intense soul-searching process required to bring a new album to life causes cracks to appear in the machine. The departure of drummer Gomez and guitarist Lal becomes inevitable.

Despite these setbacks the vision is realised and "The Difference Engine", the laboratory experiment gone monstrously wrong, hurtles into existence.
Fiercely contemporary yet mindful of its heritage, the spiritual themes tackled in the lyrics are set to a fitting union of emphatic blackness, unyielding death metal chops, and earth-shattering doom interspersed with progressive flourishes.

Dãm cement their new lineup with Brad Merry on drums and Dan Knight on live guitar. Their deranged malignant racket will be unleashed on audiences to promote the new album, released in Europe on September 17th 2007.


1. The Difference Engine
2. Eyeballing
3. Outside
4. Mirror-Image Ritual
5. Made Of Beasts
6. Gangrene. Purulence. Impact
7. A Wound That Never Heals
8. New Quest
9. This Has Nothing To Do With Apathy



the hard side of life
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