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No Piercing, No Tattoo
Peer Günt


It is not often one can say a band is a rock legend, but in their native Finland Peer Günt are just that and more – the relentless road dogs have kept at it for an incredible 22 years (and counting!) Now time is ripe for a new album No Piercing, No Tattoo, their first in ten long years.

The powerhouse trio consisting of T.Nikki (guitar/vocals), T.Kettula (bass) and Twist Twist Erkinharju (drums) kickstarted their career by winning the Finnish Rock Championship (in the heyday of ‘suomi-rock’ a respected accomplishment) and became instant favourites on the live circuit. Two solid albums Peer Günt (1985) and Backseat (1986) established the bands no-frills Motörhead-boogie-meets-classic rock-sound firmly in the public mind—the latter even reaching up to gold sales.

Endlessly gigging, Peer Günt went through every festival, opened for overseas acts such as Twisted Sister, gaining also the respect of fellow musicians: especially Erkinharju’s name becaming practically synonymous with solid rock’n’roll drumming. The third album of Peer Günt Good Girls Don’t… (1987) went gold instantly and took the band as far as the Roskilde festival.

Several albums, including live and compilation ones followed, but it was the band’s reputation as an awesome live act that carried them through years until today, to the brink of the release of No Piercing, No Tattoo, their first on the Ranch sublabel of Spinefarm Records, with two singles off the album to boot.

“Baby look around and dig the sound, it’s never too loud” as sung on the new album is what Peer Günt is all about. Grab a beer and turn it up to eleven.


01. Comin' Back To You
02. Backdoor Man
03. Middle Age Teenage
04. Wash Me In The Rain
05. King Of The Hill
06. Alone In The Night I Whisper Your Name
07. Scarecrow Shoes
08. Baby I Want You So
09. It Happens Here
10. Motorcycle Woman
11. Wanna Shake Your Boomboom


Timo Nikki – guitar & vocals
Twist Twist Erkinharju – drums
Tzöötz Kettula - bass


Peer Günt
Good Girls Don’t…
Bartender (live)
Fire Wire
Years On The Road (compilation)
Don’t Mess With The Countryboys
Smalltown Maniacs
No Piercing, No Tattoo

the hard side of life
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