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Anno Aspera - 2003 Years After the Bastard’s Birth


Here are we, witnessing the fulfilment of Barathrum’s original eight album plan. Anyone foolish enough to expect Finland’s jetblack war metal merchants to grow old gracefully? Just a few minutes into “Anno Aspera” will show Barathrum at their most lethal and vicious, if anything. This particular beast of the apocalypse just happens to grow new heads to spit forth more venom and scorn.

Demonos Sova is the man behind the madness, not to forget a local legend and tattooed metal desperado of the old school--and Barathrum’s sole songwriter and poet of the pit. To the bitter dismay of non-believers, he has steered the Barathrum ship through seas of alcohol, a thousand hardships and equally many line-up changes ever since early nineties. The 1998 Easter Holocaust tour of Finland (w/ Wizzard and Babylon Whores) already proved Barathrum to be an live act not to be missed, be it for the sheer power of their original sound driven by two (!) bass guitars or simply the outrageous showman antics.

There is a consistency to Barathrum that is hard to ignore; they can play songs off their first demo in the live-set alongside new hits and they kill all the same. They started off as a dirgey black-doom band, but nowadays one can expect an occasional blast beat or thrash metal riff in the best eighties style. There’s no let down. Barathrum take a chokehold and the iron grip stays until the show’s over. Commander Mikko Karmila, whose mixing credits include the who’s who of Finnish metal elite from Nightwish to Children of Bodom has been helping fine-tune the original Barathrum rumble into berserk frenzy of epic proportions from his throne behind the Finnvox mixing desk.

Truly black, talented, and one of the last remaining bands from the golden period of the second wave of black metal still true to their ethos. No lovelorn gothic fantasies or nu-metal here, but plenty of goat vomit and edged weapons, guitars tuned to 666 MHz and basses churning cauldrons of blood. While nobody dares to imagine the future of the band since Demonos has moved to wreak havoc in Bavaria, the legend will live on.

Heil Sova and rock on!


1. Antikristus Neutronstar
2. Corpse Desecration
3. Into Maze of Nightmares
4. Angelraper
5. G.I.D.
6. Sealed by Blood
7. Mother of Christ
8. Crucifix Masturbation
9. Nailday
10.Anno Aspera


Demonos Sova : vocals & bass
G’Thaur : bass
Nuklear Tormentörr : bass
Pelcepoop : guitar
Abyssir : drums

Hailstorm CD (1994 Nazgul’s Eyrie)
Eerie CD (1995 Nazgul’s Eyrie)
Infernal CD (1997 Nazgul’s Eyrie)
Legions of Perkele CD (1998 Spinefarm)
Saatana CD (1999 Spinefarm)
Okkult CD (2000 Spinefarm)
Hailstorm / Eerie 2CD (2001 Spinefarm)
Venomous CD (2003 Spinefarm)
Anno Aspera 2003 Years After the Bastard’s Birth CD (2004 Spinefarm)

the hard side of life
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