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Fresh Kill Daily


Drug(s) / Cargo
May 2008


Once again Danish metal act MEVÃDIO is aiming at Europe – and this time with their heaviest artillery ever! Their highly acclaimed new release “Fresh Kill Daily” made the Danish press and metal audiences seek shelter from the burst of riffs - and from their trenches, they’ve all sent cascades of applauses and acknowledgements at the album.

“Fresh Kill Daily” is a manifestation of what MEVÃDIO was ever about: deep respect for the greats of rock and heavy metal. The album places the listener somewhere in between The Cult and Slayer without any regards whatsoever for trends, schools and sorry-ass band wagons. Instead it’s a brutal onslaught of thrashy groovy riffs, thunderous bass and diabolic vocals – all mixed up in MEVÃDIO’s unique mix of dynamics and melodic phrases.

Denmark’s largest daily JP wrote: “Mevadio disregards trends and tendencies and comes through with a complete and consistent modern metal album” and the leading independent music magazine Soundvenue labelled “Fresh Kill Daily” a “true armoured cruiser”. NRG, Denmark’s oldest and largest metal magazine was overjoyed by “Fresh Kill Daily”, and proclaimed it to be a “masterly comeback!”.

The album is produced by the band itself and, as usual, their longtime friend and producer, Tue Madsen – the Danish top-producer who has worked with Halford, Sick of It All, Mnemic, Moonspell, Hatesphere and The Haunted. The sound is raw, aggressive and honest – no bullshit ProTools short cuts!

MEVÃDIO’s debut “Hands Down” took the European rock and metal press storm and the album lead to heavy touring and supporting great bands like Sepultura, Testament, Nine and Danish leading acts like Mnemic, Hatesphere and Raunchy.

Thus, the band is now again ready to hit the European media, audiences and stages and the tour is currently being put together by the 3rd Tsunami Agency (Volbeat etc.). MEVÃDIO will soon be scattering the hooks, grooves and energies of this new album all over Europe!

For metal people who’re fed up with assembly line trend metal – “Fresh Kill Daily” is the missing link!


Kenneth Madsen – Drums
Ivan Madsen- Guitars
Thomas Madsen- Guitars
Michael Madsen- Bass
Kruger- Vocals

the hard side of life
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