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Utopia Sadistica
To Separate The Flesh From The Bones


This is the dawning of a new era.

Thought extinct years ago, or at least comatose – the relentless sub-genre of metal music which was introduced to the world by names such as Carcass and Napalm Death yet again raises its head from a pile of its own excrement. Easily associated with pre-pubescent lyrics this new hope of, say, Gore Grind takes us back to those days of guts and glory.

You say: “Embryonic Necropsy and Devourment”, and I say: “Mutilated Virgin Slut” or “Condition Dead”. Immature, you say? Bollocks, says I. This is what it’s all about! Blasting your way through songs of no more than two minutes in length, shouting profanities from the top of your lungs to whomever happens to be near.

This is not about spending weeks in a studio, fine-tuning your instruments, and moving drum hits slightly gone awry to their proper places. This is not about hi-fi sound quality, but more of an aggressive and dirty aural experience. This is about going to the studio after only a few rehearsals with a handful of songs and just playing the stuff on tape. And in just a few days there will be a complete album. That’s the proper attitude in dealing with this kind of material – slightly punkish.

“And does it sound good?”, they ask frowning slightly with disbelief. Yes, it really does! It sounds exactly like it is supposed to. If you prefer your metal fast, brutal and with slight references to the aforementioned bands and their ilk, then, I tell you, this just for you. After weeping uncontrollably for years after Carcass called it quits, I yet again find joy in life. Be my joy then a band that is singing about cold guts and the reek of excrete, but it makes my day. And I think this will definitely catch on.

“How is this possible?”, they demand to know. I don’t know. I have a hunch, though. I believe that there has been a gaping space within the collective metal mind waiting to be filled with this brand of Grind Gore (- pun intended). Paving way for this new coming have been bands like Rotten Sound and Nasum, playing their modernesque sonic assault grind. Extremity, it seems, is now a virtue.

So I thank thee messieurs Arschstein, Wailer and Sypope for forming this band because you were possibly craving the “good old days”, or just wanting to play damn brutal music. I will cherish this album, and so will many, many more in due time.

Oh, and there were some guys who just happened to stop by the studio whilst the recording was in process. They sound somehow familiar, but never mind that. Let us now rejoice in this, which will hopefully be a new beginning. A time of the new gods of grind.


Herr Arschstein: Guitar & Vocals
Rot Wailer: Bass
Pus Sypope: Drums


For Those About To Rot MCD (Spikefarm 2004)
Utopia Sadistica CD (Spikefarm 2004)

the hard side of life
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