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Lyssa - Rural Gods and Astonishing Punishments


Nightfall, the Athenian ones - who really doesn’t know something about this cult band?

They started back in the 1991 with a demo tape (Vanity ’91) and a year after they saw their debut album coming out in a French label. The first ever Greek band joining the roster of a record label from outside Greece, opening the door to many other compatriots to obtain contracts to foreign labels thereafter and pushing the entire Greek scene from the Demo, amateur era to the Discography, pro one!

A cult band whose attitude, irony, and philosophy towards life on and off ‘stage’ has a true meaning. A band that pays attention to the sang words, the lyrics, the soul of any track and demands everybody to do the same, simply because it really has something to say!
Admirers of philosophy and ancient scripts who happen to be familiar to the extreme sound are the people this band copes with.

Album summary:

Fast double bass kicking mixed with aggressive rhythm guitars, dark, gothic-like lead melodies (typical Nightfall style) and oriental elements here and there. This time the whole production has a lot of hidden diamonds spread left-right creating an agonizing, haunting atmosphere. For the first time Efthimis has filled his vocal lines with numerous fat backing vocals of his own giving the final outcome a raging touch. The agony and the emptiness the so-called ‘modern’ life offers to us all in combination with a serial of brand new challenges unknown to older ones is most probably the primary inspiration behind this album.

Heavier than Metal, darker and more poetic than Gothic, this sick release is a magnificent soundtrack for a cerebral trip in the agony of our Times…

Selling points:

-Mixed at Tico- Tico studio, Finland
-Unique concept (for those who need more food for thought!)
-Best Vocal performance so far by Efthimis Karadimas
-Best drumming performance so far by George Kollias (the new drummer of the US band NILE as well)
-Promotion in Europe by Sure Shot-Worx, Germany
-Promotion in the USA by Triquetra Media
-13 years of dedicating career
-Best Greek Band for 2003 as awarded by Metal Hammer mag (readers poll)
-Worldwide promotion and advertising


-LYSSA / Rural Gods & Astonishing Punishments (2004)
-I AM JESUS (2003)
-EONS AURA (1994)


Efthimis Karadimas: Vocals
George Bokos: Lead Guitars
Bob Gatsionis: Guitars & Keys
Costas Kyriakopoulos: Bass
George Kollias: Drums

the hard side of life
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