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Ghost Reborn
Twilight Guardians


Spinefarm Records / Soulfood
November 2007


The time of dusk, nightfall and twilight – these are terms that any metal aficionado has become familiar with as soon as they have stepped into the realm of metal and its myriad houses. There are countless bands that have derived their names from these nouns and their synonyms, and narrowing it down there are still plentiful amounts of bands with “twilight” as a part of their title. So why should one stop their browsing here? It is because Twilight Guardians are well above the par.

The deal here is classy old school metal, with a bountiful supply of melodies, progressive tendencies and a heart throbbing for some good hard rockin’. Band strays away from classifications that have either words “hero” or “power” in them. Very understandable from the artist’s point of view, but for the everyday consumer of the metallic persuasion, who is confounded with the abundance of bands these days, pigeonholing can be a good thing too. So if your favourite bands do fall under categories containing the words “hero” or “power”, trust me, you will not go amiss here. But hush, don’t tell them I said so. *Wink*

‘Twas the year 1996 when the then younglings from Salo formed the basis what is still known as Twilight Guardians. After three releases the dashing metallers release “Ghost Reborn”, which incorporates neo-classical musicianship to powerful anthems. Their trade may be overcrowded, but they hold out their own. Amongst these more traditional songs, the album holds a real treat. The passionate fans of the band will probably already what is going on, but to many a other this will be a really surprising twist.

After every single day, we know that the night must fall – and the twilight surrounds us yet again.


01. Glasschains
02. Rainbow´s Gold
03. Wildbite
04. The Game
05. Bring It On
06. Walk This Line
07. The Weight
08. This Blood
09. Fallen Lamb
10. Out Of Our Hands


Vesa Virtanen – Vocals
Carl-Johan Gustafsson – Guitar
Mikko Tång – Bass
Henri Suominen – Drums
Jari Pailamo – Keyboards


Tales of the Brave (Angular 2000)
Wasteland (Spinefarm 2004)
Sin Trade (Spinefarm 2006)
Ghost Reborn (Spinefarm 2007)

the hard side of life
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