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Commercial Suicide
Alpha Safari
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”Suffer some, it’s the same routine. An even flow, it’s such a mess… Things would be okay if I could disappear. Stay underground, stay up all night. Repeating a thought, repeating… things would be okay if I could disappear.” (”Disappear”)

To do the unexpected, to ignore the expectations and to be true to yourself, that’s what distinguishes a “Commercial Suicide” according to the band when they named their debut album. Listen!

The band features Patick Wirén from the now defunct Misery Loves Company and Uffe Cederlund from Entombed.
The first thing that comes into your mind is; METAL!

You’re wrong, Listen!

It’s not the easiest task to explain what the music sounds like, but bands such as Nomeansno & Dinosaur Jr comes to mind. But a bit more punkier, still not punk.
Indie? Still to much punk even though a song such as ”Only Doing It Cause I Can”
incorporates a beautiful piano line and is not punk at all. Alternative rock might be more correct. But you’re not quite there yet, Listen!

Some might compare it to Radiohead & Foo Fighters. But it’s got members from Entombed & Misery Loves Company and even though not directly; it shines through, the bitterness, the melancholy, the attitude, Listen!

Alpha Safari:
something unexpected, Listen!

“Commercial Suicide” is released the 23rd of August

the hard side of life
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