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The Man Who Sold Himself
Five Fifteen


More than ten years down the dusty roads in a silver machine, some 500 gigs (including some in Mexico, Sweden and USA) and six albums behind them, it is quite the time to present the best of Finland’s sensational Five Fifteen. Led by the ever-resolute rock’n’roll madman Mika Järvinen, the sound of the band has come to encompass a dizzying range of influences, perhaps most prominently Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and The Who.

Yet far from being merely a nostalgia trip down the retro lane, Five Fifteen plays with clichés knowingly and effortlessly instead, as the album title already indicates —with a sense of humour, certainly, but all out of love and respect for the music. The colourful brew is, then, uniquely their own, spiced with two lead vocalists, male and female.

There is a wealth of amazingly versatile talent on display here besides the various line-ups of the band itself. Brian Robertson (Motörhead, Thin Lizzy) and Nik Turner (Hawkwind) make an appearance, both having also played live with the band for several special sets. One with Nik Turner was even televised nationwide in Finland. Also, Ville Valo (HIM) sings on “Prostitute” (love metal, anyone?)

While the whole Five Fifteen story remains to be told, this album serves as a concise introduction to a tireless band that deserves the attention of anyone who’s into any good rock music since the sixties and not afraid of having their preconceptions given a healthy shaking. Järvinen’s copious liner notes give a little insight into just what makes that rock’n’roll life worth living and there is a page-long history by Scott Heller included. This album, while essentially a compilation, also presents two entirely new songs.

So here’s a keeper. Järvinen already gave a copy of the CD to the Man Who Sold the World himself, Mr David Bowie, and you don’t want to be left out, either—right?

1. Stone Cold Heartbreaker
2. Innocence Is No Excuse
3. Jesus Went to N.Y.C. (Again)
4. Mrs Rolling Stone
5. Silver Machine6. Wayward Child
7. Games of May8. Black Monday
9. Eastern Song
10. Call the Doctor (live)
11. My Oh My
12. Rocking Horse
13. Believer
14. Hanuman Dance
15. I Don’t Remember
16. Mrs Dalloway Meets Mrs Gallagher
17. Prostitute

Mika Järvinen - vocals, guitar
Saana Koskinen - vocals, flute
Mikko Määttä - bass
Matti Salovaara - guitar
Santeri Saksala - drums, vocals
Marko Roininen - keyboards

*Progressive Hardrock Beyond the Mainstream
*Armageddon Jam Session Number 4
*Psychedelic Singalongs for Stadiums
*6 Dimensions Of The Electric Camember
*Death Of A Clown
*The Sensational Five Fifteen
*The Man Who Sold Himself

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