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Hecate Enthroned


During mid-1993, Daemonum, a five piece death/black metal band was formed with Jon on bass and vocals, and Nigel and Marc on guitars. After a year of writing and playing across the North-West of England, Jon decided to take up an offer to join Cradle Of Filth in June 1994.
Daemonum continued to write and play with a new bass player and vocalist, recording their first demo during January 1995. This demo showed a definite reflection of the bands dark direction, and of things to come.

In the spring of 1995, a new drummer joined and Jon returned to take over vocals. Hecate Enthroned was now fully formed and the band began work on the next demo.

After a couple of successful shows in London, the band entered The Academy Studios to record the demo An Ode For A Haunted Wood. This led to the offer of a recording contract from Blackend/PHD, which the band accepted.

The band returned to The Academy Studios to re-mix An Ode For A Haunted Wood, which became Upon Promeathean Shores (Unscriptured Waters). This would be their first release for the Blackend label in June 1996.

Prior to this release, the band endured another line-up change with the substitution of Michael on keyboards and Paul on bass. With these changes, the band started producing newer, more progressive material. Finally, the band was solidified by Robert replacing Craig on drums in October 1996.

The band then concentrated on writing with more intensity, emotion and hatred, finally entering the studios on the 20th of January 1997 and not leaving until the 2nd of February to record their full length offering titled The Slaughter Of Innocence, A Requiem for The Mighty, produced by Andy Sneap, which was released in April 1997.

Before the release of Hecate Enthroned's second album there were two more line-up changes! Paul was replaced by Dylan on bass, and Marc was replaced by Andy on guitar.

Then came Hecate Enthroned's second full length opus, "Dark Requiems·and Unsilent Massacre". This release harkens back to the down right heaviness of their EP, but with the beautiful orchestration that was displayed on "The Slaughter Of Innocence, A Requiem for The Mighty". The album surely is a masterpiece. It was recorded between February 16th and March 3rd 1998 at the Windings, North Wales.

This takes us up to the beginning of 1999, where some major line-up changes took place. Jon, the original vocalist and Michael (keyboards) both left the band. Jon was replaced by Dean, and Michael was replaced by Daz.

Now comes their 3rd full length, "Kings Of Chaos". This album had to see a more diverse approach and the band have excelled themselves in creating their best album to date. As soon as the first riff hits the deck you know you are in for a real metal-fest. This time Hecate Enthroned have added an extra dimension with some of the most ferocious death/black metal chords in years giving the album a death metal leaning whilst still retaining the classic melodic keyboards and atmospheric passages that they are well known for. Tracks like "Perjurer" and "Blessing In Disguise" contain more substance than most metal outfits entire albums, changing from blasting death metal to gothic tinged choral passages and majestic black metal in one hit. Brilliantly produced by Pee Wee Coleman (Paradise Lost, Anathema etc) this is the album to silence all critics! No bullshit, just 100% aggressively epic black/death metal of the highest order. One of the finest true black/death crossover albums of 1999!

April 2001 saw the band in The Elevator Studios, Liverpool recording the EP MIASMA, once again with producer PeeWee Coleman. This 6 track EP showed a more experimental Hecate, the tracks 'So called Saviour' and 'New day emerges' showing a more ponderous approach to metal while 'Designed with hate' and 'Silenced but for their cries' keep that all out breathless attack.

This brings us to 2004 and REDIMUS, recorded at The Bluerooms Manchester, mixed and produced by Phil Green and Hecate Enthroned this album is without doubt Hecate's finest. It blends skull crushing heaviness, break neck speed with ethereal atmospheres and moods, a massive guitar and drum sound tempered with epic and sometimes subtle keys. Redimus shows us some classic Hecate moments as on 'An eternal belief' and 'No one hears' then introduces us to some new ideas as on the title track and 'As Fire'. This is an album for all Metal fans not just of Black/Death, this truly is a great Metal album.

the hard side of life
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