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The Exploder

MANNHAI „The Exploder“
VÖ.: 12. Juli 2004
Label: Spinefarm
Vertrieb: Soulfood



The Finnish stoner-group Mannhai was formed in the end of 1999 by guitarist Ile Laaksomaa and bassist Oppu Laine (ex-Amorphis). Accompanied by the young drummer Junior Pietinen, the band’s quick composing process led them to the studio only four months later, where they recorded three instrumental songs. With these three heavy tracks, Joãnitor Muurinen, the ex-Xysma frontman, was allured to the band. Joãnitor’s deep and instantly recognizable voice couldn’t have suited the band more perfectly.

By the end of 2000 Mannhai had recorded their second three-song demo CD and signed a deal with Spinefarm Records. In January 2001, before a single live show, Mannhai started to record their debut album, “The Sons of Yesterday’s Black Grouse”, at the Seawolf Studios in Helsinki. The result was a classic rock album filled with fuzz, memorable melodies and more than just a bit of the almighty Rock. “The Sons of Yesterday’s Black Grouse ” blasted Mannhai to the consciousness of the stoner rock scene worldwide. For good.

The album was licensed to Nuclear Blast in Germany and instantly flew to many a DJ-playlist and turntable all around Europe. Mannhai started to gig heavily in and around Helsinki and did a few short tours around Finland, playing to growing audiences in the biggest cities in Finland.

In August 2002, Mannhai packed their gear and flew to Gothenburg to record their second full-length at the famed StudioMega (The Crown, The Soundtrack of Our Lives) with Christian Silver twisting the knobs. And what an album the boys came up with! Accompanied by the stunning single and video ”Spiritraiser”, Mannhai’s second album “Evil Under The Sun” was everything its predecessor was and even more!

Now it’s time for Mannhai’s third attack: the aptly titled “The Exploder”! Drawing influences from 70s heavy metal, the songs on the Exploder bring a more melodic edge to Mannhai’s music. A new member has also joined the band, the ex-Amorphis keyboardist Kasper Mårtenson!

”The Exploder” has been produced by Jürgen Hendlmeier, the man behind the production of such rock acts as the Flaming Sideburns. To add icing to this exploding cake, the album was mastered by Björn Engelmann at Stockholm’s Cutting Room studios.

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