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Abandoned In The Forest Of Weariness


After three long years of silence, MORGAIN are back with their brand new album "Abandoned in the Forest of Weariness". There were several reasons for such a long creative break, anyway, the most important one was the fact, that Slavka (who was responsible for keyboards and vocals those days) had to leave the band for almost a year due to some personal problems. After some months, the situation in the band became more stable. Jitka (keyboards) and Andrea (accordion) joined the band and Slavka returned and did on vcals.

The new CD contains eight songs. The most important difference between "Abandoned in the Forest of Weariness" and the previous releases of MORGAIN is that the new songs are faster than any time before... Anyway, this doesn't mean that MORGAIN have lost their own face and unique style. It is always the same old good MORGAIN as you know them from the past, just played a little faster.

The lyrics deal with the fate of our world and mankind, antipathy for the church etc. "Abandoned in the Forest of Weariness" is a marvelous album with really strong melodies and sorrowful feeling - you will never tire of listening to it!


1. ...and Reality Hurts
2. Following the Shadow
3. So Lonely
4. World is Buried
5. Dying
6. Last Breath
7. Vampirian Blues
8. The Seducer

Line up:

Richard Zajac - vocals, guitars and drum programming
Slavka Tomayová - vocals
Jony Štefánik - guitar
Erich "Boboš” Procházka - mouth harmonica
Jitka Dobrická - keyboards
Martin Ferenèík - bass
Andrea Vargová - accordion


"Dark Fairies Dancing" MC 1996
"In the Forest of Weariness" MC 1997
"Frostbitten Nakedness" CD 1998
"Sad Memories of Fairies" CD 2000
"Rhymes from the Forest of Weariness" CD 2001
"Abandoned in the Forest of Weariness" CD 2004

Label: Metal Age Productions

the hard side of life
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