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World Under World


The band was formed in the summer of 1995 when Dodo Datel (vocals, bass), Dr. Victor Gieci (drums) and Voloda Zadrapa (guitar) decided to create the music full of misterious melodies and dark elements. The line-up of the band was completed with female vocalist Sona Witch Kozakova. These four companions recorded in the summer of 1996 their first CD "Empire Of Emptiness" (the keyboards was recorded by King and Tomas Kmet). One year later, in September of 1997, was this CD released by English label Unknown Teritorry Rec. This label released the next two CDs of GALADRIEL (The Mirror Of Ages/1999, Oblivion/2000) already recorded with guitarist Tomax Gabris who replaced Voloda Zadrapa and brought the fresh feeling to the music of the band.
The cooperation with Unknown Teritorry Rec. was on a very low level in every aspects. There was no promotion and distribution of GALADRIEL's CDs. After the releasing of the third CD "Oblivion" GALADRIEL left the Unknown Territory Rec., because the band's effort didn't found the meaning.
The band full of new energy recorded thier new material in cold autumnal days of 2001. In the summer of 2002 the Slovak label Metal Age Productions released the fourth CD of GALADRIEL "From Ashes & Dust". Everything around GALADRIEL started for the better days. All live shows for "From Ashes & Dust" was successful and the band obtain also the fans in other countries.
But in the February of 2003, when the work at new material has begun, came the hardest personal changes in the history of GALADRIEL. The seven years of cooperation and togetherness burned in flames. The result of these problems was the leaving of long year members Sona Witch Kozakova, Dr. Victor Gieci and J.S.K. (keyboards). The remembers Dodo Datel (v/b), Tomax Gabris (g) and Matus Hanus (g) started to looking for new members, but there was problem to find the right persons. In the summer of 2003 the band despite of all problems played their show at four festivals with guest musicians.
GALADRIEL enetred the studio in November of 2003 to record their new album "World Under World" with guest musicians Lukash Shushka (drums), Lydia Lacova (female vocals), Andrea Tkacova (violin), Vidar, Martin Kolarik, Andej Kutis and Nathuruus (vocals).
"World Under World" is most motley but dark album of the band. New electronic elements mixed together with classic, but more darker sound of GALADRIEL brought the new direction for the band. Now you can hear not the classic doom metal. There are elements of black, death and heavy metal too. But in all this darkness is still the place for melodies and beautyfull female voice. All these specifications makes the new album "World Under World" modern and actual record.
With new blood in veins and new record GALADRIEL built the new line-up at the end of 2003. They're prepared to kick your ass!!!


1. Under The Wings Of The Fallen One
2. The End Of Eternity
3. Imaginary Sins
4. The Fall
5. Bleeding Heart`s Poetry
6. I Closed Your Book
7. Noxious Humanity
8. Insanity & Suffering
9. Sex In The Underworld
10. The Grave Is The Last

Line up:

Dodo Datel - vocals, bass, programming
Tomax Gabris - lead guitar, programming
Matus Hanus - guitar
Pyros - drums
Andrej Kutis - keyboards
Martin Kolarik - melodic vocals


"Empire Of Emptiness" CD 1997
"The Mirror Of Ages" CD 1999
"Oblivion" CD 2000
"From Ashes & Dust" CD 2002
"World Under World" CD 2004

Label: Metal Age Productions

the hard side of life
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