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“A master-class in skull-smashing old school evil..." Dom Lawson - Kerrang
With a who’s-who list of projects (tying members to Satyricon, Mayhem, Emperor, Ulver, Dimmu Borgir and others), and their own colorful history and recording legacy, Norway’s Cadaver are already a force to be reckoned with. Their 2001 recording, Discipline (Earache) impressed fans worldwide with its meticulous metal, tinged with cold and calculative industrial noise oft compared to the almighty Carcass and now label mates Zyklon.

Formed in 1989, Cadaver released two albums (Hallucinating Anxiety, In Pains) before disbanding in 1993. Reformed (and renamed Cadaver Inc.) in 1999 by founding member/guitarist Neddo, the band released their third album, Discipline in 2001. Their touring efforts put them on the radar for the fans, with a nationwide trek that would see them alongside Morbid Angel. Coupled with their highly controversial web site, still under investigation by the Norwegian government, the band piqued extreme music fan’s curiosity.
Dropping Inc from their name, Cadaver are thus poised to continue the onslaught they have long delivered. Candlelight is planning to premiere Cadaver on the label’s first ever showcase tour (currently planned to include Zyklon and Khold).

Signing with Candlelight Records in late 2003, “Necrosis” will surely find Cadaver’s fan base growing and overall personae expanding ten-fold. Once again Cadaver attack with an intense display of speed, sonic agility and menacing domination that rivals the genre’s best. Currently featuring vocalist Apollyon, drummer Czral, bassist LJ Balvaz with guitarist Neddo the album is already finding high accolades very early in the set up stages.

1. Necro as Fuck
2. Decomposed Meal Skin
3. Evil is Done
4. Odium
5. Awakening
6. Goat Father
7. Unholy Death
8. The Etching Cleanser
9. Heartworm

Apollyon – vocal/bass
Neddo – guitar
LJ Balvaz – guitar
Czral – drums

Hallucinating Anxiety (1990 – album)
…In Pains (1992 – album)
Discipline (2001 – album)
Necrosis (2004 - album)

the hard side of life
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