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On Thorns I Lay

Title: Egocentric
Genre: Depressive, emotional melodic metal
Origin: Greece
Catalogue nr: BLRCD 059
Release date: 5/12/2003


ON THORNS I LAY was born in 1994, two years after the emerge of PHLEBOTOMY (the band’s first name) who released a demo tape and a 7 EP between the years 1992-1994. One year later the band entered Storm studio and recorded their debut “Sound of beautiful experience” with Magus Wampyr Daoloth as producer.
The second step for their successful musical journey was “Orama” which came out two years later and received very positive reaction from the European press. It was a mixture of pure atmospheric death metal filled with soprano female vocals. The lyrical background was about a travel to the lost kingdom of Atlantis. In the same time they recorded “True belief” for a PARADISE LOST tribute.
Future belongs to the brave, and this band can be mentioned there as they didn’t fear to transfer the main core to Rumania, where three new musicians (Elena Doroftei- Viola, Vocals, Ioanna Doroftei- Piano, Keyboards, Andrew Olaru- Drums) were added to the line-up and recorded “ Crystal tears” together with Chris Dragmestianos and Stefanos Kintzoglou. “Crystal tears” marked a radical progress into the classical, melancholic ON THORNS I LAY music.
1999 was a very creative year as the band played live in Greece together with THE GATHERING, IN FLAMES and DREAM THEATER. Meanwhile, once again with new members (Claudia j.- Vocals, Evans m.- Drums), the fourth album “Future narcotic” came out and gave them the opportunity to spread their name all over the world as it became the most well sold title for the Greek masters of melancholy. That was the last release for the French Holy recs, (it has been also re-released from Holy including 7 bonus tracks) cause the band felt it was the right time to change label. New line-up changes occurred once again (Minas- Guitars, Fotis- Drums) as Chris and Stefanos finished their medicine studies in Bucharest and returned back to Greece.
BLACK LOTUS was the perfect choice for the fifth album, entitled “Angeldust” which has been recorded in Minas Real studios with the producer (and close friend of the band) Marcus Macedon. The final result is a very clear sound consisting of melodic and brutal male vocals, groovy drums, transcending guitars and sharp bass lines. The atmosphere is unique, full of depression and feelings given to listeners in a different way- no keyboards, only PURE DEPRESSIVE METAL!
Three years have passed and ON THORNS I LAY never stopped developing their music! In the beginning of the year they entered the studio to record their new opus exploring new paths of diverse melodic and melancholic music. Definitely “Egocentric” is their most mature album to date with excellent guitar work and beautiful vocal worx that will make your soul tremble! Add the excellent production by Fredrik Nordstrom at the infamous FREDMAN studios of Sweden and you get the full pack!

Line up:

Chris - guitars
Stefanos - bass
Minas - guitars/vocals
Fotis - drums


“Sounds of beautiful experience” - 1995
“Orama” - 1997
“Crystal Tears” - 1999
“Future Narcotic” - 2000
“Future Narcotic-re-release” - 2001
“Angeldust” – 2001 (BLR028)
“Egocentric”-2003 (BLRCD059)

the hard side of life
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