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Man's Ruin Revisited
The Black League

the 12th of January 2003

1. Old-World Monkey
2. Alive & Dead
3. Cold Women and Warm Beer
4. Hot Wheels
5. Black Water Fever
6. Lost in the Shadows
7. Ain't No Friend O' Mine
8. The Healer
9. Crooked Mile
10.Mad Ol' Country
11.Man's Ruin Revisited
12.Better Angels



The third album by Finland’s infamous league of dubious gentlemen is finally out! After a two years’ wait the bastards are back, and Man’s Ruin Revisited is the name of the game. Recorded and mixed at Seawolf Studios – Finland’s premiere music hatchery located on a 250-year-old sea fortress in the Hellsinki archipelago – and produced by Hannu Leidén of Havana Black fame, MRR marks a turning point in the band’s career. Following their two epic albums of multi-layered rock metal The League have opted to ”drop the prog” and get right down to what they do best: in-your-face rant’n’rave heavy duty rock’n’roll – music to beat your wife by? Not quite, but close enough. When Man’s Ruin Revisited is the title you can’t expect that happy-go-lucky chitty-chitty-bang-bang you hear on primetime radio, right? ”Man’s Ruin” – for those poor souls who don’t know – is one of the central concepts in Classic American Old School Tattoo Art i.e. the unholy trinity of Drink, Gambling and Wild Women - give or take any ingredient you like - guaranteed ”to make a good man go bad!” So with song titles like Crooked Mile, Ain’t No Friend o’Mine and Hot Wheels you can be sure these guys have been there… So eventually what you get is 45 minutes of 21st Century Downer Rock.

And what the hell is that supposed to be, we hear you ask? Well, there’s never been easy answers to The League, so here we go again: Music that you love to hear but hate to admit. Take some classic Motörhead, some vintage Skynyrd and some of 90’s pride and joy Danzig, then mirror it thru the leaguesmen’s long list of ex-bands like Faff-Bey, Sentenced and Legenda and you may get the picture. But because you won’t, we suggest you get your hands on this one ’cause Man’s Ruin Revisited is about to bring Rock Music back to where it belongs! No, this ain’t ”retro”… This is timeless. And this ain’t ”Scandinavian” either… but Finnish – like the mighty Hurriganes for that matter. And most important, this has nothing to do with your ”8-balls”… The League still put their trust in the ol’ Ace of Spades.

And just as if to prove the point Man’s Ruin Revisited happens to be none other than the proverbial 13th release from the new Finnish rock phenomenon Ranch Records (home to Mannhai, The Flaming Sideburns, Thee Ultra Bimboos, etc.). A single for Cold Women & Warm Beer is out too. So there you have it. Couldn’t’ve gone any other way. It was back in ’97 when they started – now it’s a trial by fire. Fear it or loathe it!

The Black League wish to dedicated their album to all those who sold their souls and ruined their lives for rock’n’roll music!

And just to remind you:Play loud or don’t fuckin’ play at all!!!

Taneli Jarva,vocals
Maike Valanne, guitars
Alexi Ranta, guitars
Kimmo Luttinen, drums
Florida, bass

Ichor (CD 2000)
Doomsday Sun (MCD 2001)
Utopia A.D. (CD 2001)
Man’s Ruin Revisited (CD 2003)

the hard side of life
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