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From Dirt
El Caco


Label: Black Balloon Records
Distribution (GER): Soulfood


One listen to the new masters of the road El Caco and the smell of hot leather and burning rubber will return with vengeance. These Norwegian road bandits have the ability to grasp the finer elements of their influences and mould them into their own diverse sound. The band’s music is a culmination of three very talented individuals, each with a very eclectic taste in music. Inspired by the best, but never stripping themselves of their own unique identity.
Formed in Lillestrøm on the outskirts of Oslo, Norway, the three band members Øyvind Osa, Thomas Fredriksen and Anders Gjesti have been working together since 1998. Their musical abilities however, started at a much earlier age, with Anders Gjesti and Øyvind Osa performing together with a variety of drummers and different band names since their school days, before Thomas Fredriksen came into the fold, and El Caco were born.

El Caco’s debut album “Viva”, released in 2001 and licenced from Black Balloon Records to Music For Nations worldwide, received amazing reviews almost everywhere, which led to the album being on several critics lists of album of the year in various magazines. After playing several major festivals and various clubs throughout the year, the touring culminated in a 35 day European tour with Nebula in early 2002. This of course did nothing to ruin their reputation for being a phenomenal live band.

In the summer of 2002, El Caco entered Dug-Out Productions in Sweden with producer Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In Flames) to record their follow-up album. The result of that session can be heard on “Solid Rest”, released in May 2003 on Black Balloon Records. “Solid Rest” is a diverse album, fantasticly produced, heavy and melodic at the same time, and yet again with amazing songs.
“Solid Rest” also received loads of fantastic reviews and was nominated for best metal album of 2003 at the prestigious Norwegian Alarm Awards. El Caco also toured Europe twice in 2003 and made their first ever full Norwegian tour, as well as playing summer festivals.

Most of 2004 were spent on home turf, touring Norway intensively the first six months, before heading into the recording session that was to become the new album “The Search”. Self produced, as their debut album, and mostly recorded in Anders’ and Thomas’ own Sound Riot studios, they couldn’t resist working with maestro Daniel Bergstrand again. Bergstrand invited the band back to Sweden to record all the vocals and take care of the mix. The total result is stunning. “The Search” blends the sonic corpulence of its predecessor with the sensuous resonance of debut, ‘Viva!’ and has what it takes to continue El Caco’s mission of becoming a household name in todays rock and metal scene.

“The Search” was released to rave reviews and culminated in the band winning the prestigious Norwegian Alarm Award for best metal album 2005, and receiving a Norwegian Grammy nomination in the same category.

The three-headed live monster will continue touring hard in 2006, convincing an increasing number of fans that their wall of sound is the closest you get to a musical orgasm. Plans for El Caco’s next album have also started. Expect their 4th album to hit the streets in early 2007.


Øyvind Osa – Vocals / Bass
Thomas Fredriksen – Drums
Anders Gjesti – Guitar

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