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The Wake


11.11.2005 ; Spikefarm Records / Soulfood


Like everyone who heard The Wake’s first album knows, they are one mean-spirited band, brewing a tasty stew of killer melodies and death metal aggression. And what do you know, The Wake just upped the ante with their sophomore album – “Death-a-holic” contains killer riffage by the truckload and is heading your way now.

Starting their career in 1998, in a small Finnish town of Karjaa as Bleeding Harmony (‘bleed’ as in fingers on the neck of the guitar, and harmonies there sure are!) by brothers Lempinen, the band endured through the usual line-up changes and other hassle young bands have to deal with (such as alcohol). When it comes to the actual music, the band sure did their homework thoroughly with a slew of demos and promos, until Spikefarm Records finally decided it is about time to unleash the beast to the unsuspecting masses, complete with a name change to the more mature The Wake. As matters stand today, anyone into the Arch Enemy school of melodic death metal simply cannot walk past the band, for what The Wake so far lack in media exposure they quite simply make up for by sheer youthful energy.

The Wake present a winning combination of ambition, dedication and ability and it should be but a matter of time until they’re conquering stages all over Europe. Your chance to check out a young, hungry metal band playing like pros is here – all death-a-holics take heed!


1. Suicide Manual
2. Rejected
3. One More Day
4. Downward Groove
5. Instrumental
6. The Elbow of Zeus
7. Good for Nothing
8. Mindless Wrecking Progress
9. Death-A-Holic
10. Nailgun


Kaj Michelsson (vocals & bass)
Jani Luttinen (guitar)
Wellu Helenius (drums)
Sakari Lempinen (guitars)


Ode to My Misery (2003) CD
Death-A-Holic (2005) CD

the hard side of life
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