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Spinefarm Records / Soulfood


The young guns of Twilightning are at it again, but the keyword here is “change”.

After their debut album “Delirium Veil” and touring Japan alongside with such greats as Helloween and DragonForce, Twilightning has deliberately distanced themselves one step at a time from the power metal camp.

In the latest turn of events the band lost their keyboard player and decided no replacement is needed, thus resulting in a rawer sound than ever before. Steering ever more towards a sound and soul of their own, they now master a melting pot of metal styles that combines melodic hard rock and dazzling guitar heroics of the dynamic duo of Tommi Sartanen & Wille Wallenius with traditional heavy metal and even progressive rock and pop. It might not be the easiest form of music, but delving into its depths is also more rewarding than before.

What should you call it then? Honestly, we don’t have a clue. But as you will hear for yourself, in Twilightning the state of constant change has been for the better. There’s no telling of where the musical roads of Twilightning are leading to, but right now it’s the unique, even a bit quirky brand of melodic hard rock that they now can call their home.

Laced with H.M.I. Pöyhiä’s soaring vocals and sarcastically observant lyrics “Swinelords” hits the nail on the head on subjects like MTV, consumerism and religion. Sharp as their tongue might seem to be, with “Swinelords” they deliver the music to match. Watch out.


1. Isolation Shell
2. Swinelord
3. Reflection Of The Cuckoo
4. Vice Jesus
5. Pimps, Witches, Thieves & Bitches
6. The Gun
7. Not A Word
8. Consume Gap
9. With The Flow
10. Wounded & Withdrawn


Heikki Pöyhiä - vocals
Ville Wallenius - guitar
Tommi Sartanen - guitar
Jussi Kainulainen - bass
Juha Leskinen - drums

Delirium Veil (Spinefarm 2002)
Plague-house Puppet Show (Spinefarm 2004)
Bedlam (MCD Spinefarm 2006)

the hard side of life
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