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Till Death Unites Us

Release - Germany:
03.03.2006 ; Spinefarm Records / Soulfood


Finnish death metal dealers Norther return armed with a brand new album “Till Death Unites Us”. Combining old school black metal sounds perfectly to their intense approach to modern death/black, the fury and sheer frantic energy of Norther's delivery is simply stunning.

The history of Norther dates back to the year 1996, when Toni Hallio (drums) and Petri Lindroos (guitar and vocals) founded the band under the monicker Requiem. After adding guitarist Kristian Ranta, bassist Jukka Koskinen and keyboardist Tuomas Planman into their lineup the band changed their name to Norther, and recorded a demo that was good enough to land them a deal with Spinefarm Records.

Their debut album "Dreams of Endless War" was recorded during the year 2000 and so the Norther warmachine kicked into gear. Although the band was plagued with constant comparisons to Children of Bodom, the overall response from the media and fans was overwhelming. Soon after the release of their first album, the band barricaded themselves into the studio and the result was nothing short of breathtaking: "Mirror of Madness" was a logic continuation of the onslaught that began with "Dreams of Endless War", a further step towards more of an old school-type of sound.

After "Mirror of Madness" the band released their third album “Death Unlimited”, an album that forced the listener into uncontrollable bouts of headbanging with it's outrageous catchiness and -to put it simply- all-out brutality.

Today, delivering hit after hit seems to be business as usual for these Helsinki based metal maestros if the material on their fourth album is anything to go by: no throwaway songs here! Continuing on the path set by their Winter 2005 release, the “Solution 7” EP, “Till Death Unites Us” has lead guitarist Kristian Ranta performing clean vocals alongside vocalist Pete Lindroos’ growling anger. Yet fear not, Norther remains far from steering into pop territory, their energy puts a lethal groove into even the most subdued moments.

With this album, this Hellsinki hellcrew will do some serious damage all the way from Hellsinki to Tokyo!


Released (CDS 2001)
Dreams of Endless War (CD 2001)
Unleash Hell (CDS 2003)
Mirror of Madness (CD 2003)
Spreading Death (CDS 2004)
Death Unlimited (CD 2004)
Solution 7 (MCD 2005)
Scream (CDS 2006)
Till Death Unites Us (CD 2006)


Kristian Ranta: lead guitar, clean vocals
Pete Lindroos: vocals, guitar
Heikki Saari: drums
Jukka Koskinen: bass
Tuomas Planman: keyboards

the hard side of life
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