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Desecration and Enchantment
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20 Buck Spin


With the release of their full length debut "Seraphic Punishment" in 2022, North Dakota’s MAUL made an instant impression on the US Death Metal underground, one they’d been building previously via various demos, splits and EPs. Subsequent heavy touring all over the country further embedded the band’s Midwest Death stylings with intense live gigs and frontman Garrett Alvarado’s menacing presence.

20 Buck Spin picked up the band on the strength of that first album and while the band painstakingly constructs their new full length album, they offer up "Desecration and Enchantment" to the hordes, signaling the direction of things to come and to supply some blood to the eager zombies awaiting a new album.


1. The Sacred and The Profane / Hovering, Sinking
2. Disintegration of the Soul
3. Worshipping Self-Deviance *

* tape only track / not available digitally


Garrett Alvarado - Lyrics / Vocals
Robby Anderson - Drums
Mike Griggs - Bass
Anthony Lamb - Guitar
Al Nicholas - Guitar

Photo Credit: Jason Dahlke

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