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Forsaken Offerings
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Darkness Shall Rise Productions


After 4 long years, there’s finally a new grueling sign of death from US/Wisconsin-based old school death/doom metal maniacs OSSUARY!

"Forsaken Offerings" comes with 2 new songs of monolithic riff-crafting metal of death plus a cover from US cult-band GOATLORD. It will be available as MC, 7“EP and jewelcase CD. As bonus on the CD-version, there will also be the full "Cremation Ritual" demo as well as the second release "Supreme Degradation".

Formed in Wisconsin winter of 2015, OSSUARY is the manifestation of power through grief, misanthropy, and the total worship of death. Inspired by visceral loss, fueled by the agony of hopelessness, the band has no use for self-indulgent displays of technicality. OSSUARY is thick, black, and scathingly sluggish - a murky, hateful exhibition of death.

"Forsaken Offerings (to the Doomed Spirit)" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/ny_uI16dGtw


01. Forsaken Offerings (to the Doomed Spirit)
02. The Undrownable Howl of Evil
03. Chicken Dance (Goatlord cover)
04. Lured by Cadence of Wraiths *
05. Bestial Triumph *
06. Supreme Degradation *
07. Seep into the Moldering Void *
08. Retributive Maiming *
09. Cremation Ritual *
10. Execration Hymn *
11. Gaping Mental War-Wound *

* CD-Bonustracks: "Supreme Degradation" (Tracks 4-7) + "Cremation Ritual" (Tracks 8-11)


Izzi Plunkett - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Jacobs - Bass
Nick Johnson - Drums

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the hard side of life
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