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Vama Marga
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Moribund Records


German Doom Metal band ADVERSVM was founded by Sascha B. in 2015. Over the years and three albums their music has developed from traditional Funeral Doom to Funeral Doom/Death Metal.

Their debut full-length "Aion Sitra Ahra", released by Iron Bonehead Productions in 2018, was exactly realized according to the original idea. Morbid, sinister and more hostile than the usual Funeral Doom Metal sound. The second album "Dysangelion" (2019) lead to a new deal with Moribund Records and unfolded a more diversified sound.

Now ADVERSVM return with their third offering, "Vama Marga" - their most dynamic hybrid of Doom and Death Metal so far. It was produced at Soundlodge Studio (also known for recordings of God Dethroned, Sinister, Dew-Scented, Anvil etc.) and introduces Don Zaros of EVOKEN as the band's new and permanent keyboard player, who has evolved a new atmosphere in the sound.

"Vama Marga" speaks in tongues with doomish, blazing and epic soundscapes to the infernal regions of the heart. ADVERSVM’s magnum opus to date invokes 10 anthems of left-hand-path apotheosis, Nietzscheism and traditional Satanic power. Creeping with shadowy cold darkness, atmospheric interludes collide with utterly crushing and mesmerizing death / doom metal. "Vama Marga" is an atmospheric journey from slow depths to raging fires and back into the icy abyss of the soul. Witness ADVERSVM’s apocalyptic awakening!

"Feind" - Official Track Stream: https://adversvm.bandcamp.com/track/feind


01. Exordium
02. Emanation
03. Sinistrum
04. Parinama
05. Feind
06. Antisphere
07. V.O.A.D.
08. Retrograde
09. Vindex
10. Mölingssken


Sascha Borchard - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Fabian Guschlbauer - Lead Guitar
Don Zaros - Keyboards
Jörg Uken - Drums

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