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Death Mountain
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Hailing from Silkeborg/Denmark and formed in 2019, BLOODGUTTER is the result of four good friends who wanted to play some nasty music together, despite quite notable musical differences. A common musical ground was quickly found and after a lot songwriting and practicing the band recorded an 11 track full-length album, that is good to go now. They handled the recording themselves in their hometown and the mastering was done by Jacob Bredahl at Dead Rat Studios.

Musically "Death Mountain" comes off sounding very catchy, heavy, groovy, and gritty. The buzz saw guitar tone alongside the genuine production makes you think of the golden years of death metal. Inspired by a vast array of bands, BLOODGUTTER have often been described as a bastard mix of Entombed and Obituary.

So if you like your death metal raw, simple and oldschool, you should definitely give these Danes and their debut album “Death Mountain” a shot!

"Rot Awaits" - Official Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/q1VDVDNbMqY


01. Katabatic Death Wind
02. Rot Awaits
03. Artillery Supremacy
04. Torture Sacrifice
05. Down The Gutter
06. For The Empire
07. Unternehmen Gericht
08. Fill The Graves
09. Whirlwind Of Doom
10. Jaws Of Death
11. Our Final Conflict


Mikkel Lau (Fordærv) - Vocals
NP Nielsen (The Kandidate, Disrule) - Drums
Martin Sørensen (Dawn Of Demise) - Guitars
Bjørn Jensen (Dawn Of Demise, Temple Of Scorn) - Bass

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