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Death Age


20 Buck Spin


“Death Age” maintains the armed to the teeth savage militancy of earlier material from LA’s KOMMAND, now taken even further into enemy territory with more grisly wartorn brutality than ever. Like the coordinated bombardment of an entire continent “Death Age” is an air raid siren for imminent cataclysm.

The ominous atmosphere on ‘Death Age’ heralds the single-minded concentrated objective; to batter, demolish and destroy with no quarter given. Death Metal of this kind taps into the most primitive, untamed instincts, advancing like a convoy of tanks through occupied territory, heedless of whatever or whoever stands in its path.

From opener ‘Final Virus’ to closer ‘Collapse Metropolis’ KOMMAND’s vision of a dystopian hellscape, cities permanently scarred by heavy weaponry, and those unfortunates who survived the onslaught never relents or offers respite. ‘Death Age’ thus renders a terminal epitaph on the bloody trash heap of near-future history.

Official Track Streams: Chimera Soldiers +++ Global Death


1. Final Virus
2. Chimera Soldiers
3. Global Death
4. Polar Holdout
5. Fleeing Western Territories
6. Collapse Metropolis


Ian Logan - Guitar
Jesse Sanes - Vocals
Tim Shriver - Bass
Sam Bosson - Drums
Sam Shriver - Guitar

Photo Credit: Kris Kirk

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