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Fumes Of Funeral Pyres
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Soulseller Records


Soulseller Records proudly presents "Fumes Of Funeral Pyres" - the debut album of Finnish Death Metal quartet TRAMALIZER!

During the years of pandemic, guitarist M. Jokelainen and bassist T. Oranen had a vision: to do Death Metal as it was done in the first place, when everything was fresh and full of energy. When the line between Thrash and Death Metal was just getting grow. To complete this vision K. Laanto (drums) and R. Tarvonen (vocals) were found to fill the line-up. So finally TRAMALIZER was ready to strike. With a perfectly balanced line-up songs started to get shape and in 2021 a three song promo was spread to several labels. One of those labels was Dutch Soulseller Records who noticed the bands’ potential and soon the pact was made.

So if you want your old school metal to be something more than just blastbeat after the blastbeat and vocals something more than muddy growling, TRAMALIZER is the right poison. To the death!

"Hating God" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/XfrLJAekdFA


01. Tramalized
02. Point Of No Turning Back
03. Hating God
04. As They Are Put To Sleep
05. Curse Of The Lake Drag
06. Gift
07. Fumes Of Funeral Pyres
08. Looking For Reality
09. Plain Evil
10. The Rostov Ripper
11. At The Night Of Feast


R. Tarvonen - Vocals
M. Jokelainen - Guitar
T. Oranen - Bass
K. Laanto - Drums

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Download 300dpi printable (1,6 MB)

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