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Armageddon Patronage
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Dark Descent Records


Dark Descent Records proudly presents "Armageddon Patronage", the second album from Copenhagen’s purveyors of ‘accursed death’ STRYCHNOS.

"Armageddon Patronage" embodies the immense drive of a band operating at full throttle, refining their distinct blend of extreme metal bound to no god, master, or genre. Following a string of intense and blood-stained festival performances STRYCHNOS is now the name on the underground’s lips. Propelled by this vast momentum, the band toiled tirelessly to record and release "Armageddon Patronage" less than two years after their debut.

“This release will showcase a natural continuation of what 'A Mother’s Curse' began,” reflects bassist/vocalist Martin Leth Andersen. “The band seek to refine and push further key elements from the debut - in ways of both aggressiveness and the more atmospheric parts. This follow up also showcases an array of new details like alternative instrumentation, vocal-variations, intros, outros, and a couple of noticeable guest appearances.”

Rare is the band within these realms that improves so exponentially with each new release. Do not miss the flight of STRYCHNOS… for one may never know how long the underground can contain them.

"Armageddon Patronage" was recorded and mixed by Lasse Ballade at Copenhagen’s Ballade Studios, and mastered by none other than Necromorbus’ infamous Tore Stjerna. Cover artwork by Phoebus Moreleón / Lïv & Död. Uncompromising black/death metal; features a guest appearance by Michael Poulsen (Volbeat, Dominus).

"Winds Warning the Final Storm" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/M09KXx6gmpw


1. Winds Warning the Final Storm
2. Armageddon Patronage
3. Choking Salvation
4. Endless Void Dimension
5. Pale Black Birds
6. Stanken af Dyd
7. Sweeping Storm of Suicide
8. Nattevandrerinden


Andreas Lynge - Guitars / Backing vocals
Martin Leth Andersen - Bass / Lead vocals
Nis Rode Larsen - Drums

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