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To Hell To Zion
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Gott / Self Release
September 1st 2022 (Vinyl)


GOTT: Perhaps the biggest mind-boggling entity that is with us since birth, as well as it is not. Now also the name of a six headed heavy rock band hailing from the Netherlands, who have their crib centered in the notorious industrial city of Tilburg.

"To Hell To Zion" encaptures the magnetism of birth and death and the wild dance of fireworx along the way. An audial template to shape melancholy into music that speaks from the hearts’ abyss, straight unto the limitless reach of the minds’ eye. Allowing its’ listeners to be present on an intimite journey through existentialistic realms and the magick it holds.

The first official release was by Babylon Doom Cult records: the 7” split single "Axiom VI". Brought to surface out of grieving necessity straight after the passing of our beloved friend Michiel Eikenaar. The EP "To Hell To Zion" was released at Roadburn 2022.


1. The Colour Empty
2. Venus in Mirage
3. Peyote’s Dance
4. The Chain *

* originally by Fleetwood Mac / Featuring guest vocals by Pelle Ähman (In Solitude) and piano by Gottfrid Ähman (In Solitude)


Farida Lemouchi ( Molassess, The Devil’s Blood) - Vocals
Twan van Geel (Soulburn, Legion of the Damned) - Guitar
Thijs van Laarhoven (Severe Torture) - Guitar
William van der Voort (Ggu:ll, Dodecahedron) - Guitar
Dave van Beek (Ggu:ll) - Bass
Joep Schmitz (Radar Men from the Moon) - Drums

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