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Elysian Inferno (EP)


Dark Descent Records


Four years after their devastating debut demo, Chicago death merchants BERATOR vomit forth 20 minutes of fierce, old school black/death on coke via Dark Descent Records. In an age where an over-polished sound is the norm, "Elysian Inferno" delivers a welcome reminder of just how ferocious and vehement extreme metal can be.

Guitarist Richard Olsen, who left behind his Profanatica duties to focus on BERATOR full-time, stresses the importance of production: “The BERATOR EP was tracked live, just me and Dan (drums) in his studio, and we built around those live tracks for the record, which in itself, gives it a level of raw power you can’t get from a click. Tim Pearson (bass, ex-The Chasm) and Pat Clancy (guitar, ex- Nachtmystium) then added their parts. The sound is entrancing, excruciating and insane, for people who appreciate forward, to the point, nonstop riffs. It’s a seamless record meant to be heard as 20 some-odd straight minutes of rhythm and violence.”

The band will embark on a US tour with Craven Idol in late May/June 2022, including a performance at Decibel Magazine’s Metal and Beer Festival in Philadelphia. Cover artwork by Paolo Girardi.

"Onslaught to Absolution" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/XFosWXvDuCk


1. Sultans of Incest
2. Onslaught to Absolution
3. Dead Rats
4. War Lust
5. Final Crucifixion
6. Swine Cult

Download 300dpi printable 1,1 MB)

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